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sorry........  its a word i've used frequently in the past 2 days. the word sorry will be with me for a long long time. i have caused alot of pain and trouble for many people, i have broken the hearts of my family, friends and all who truly care about me. im sorry.  i want to apologise once again to justin, he's family, he's recording lable and to justin fans. im sorry.

for the mistakes that i've done, for all the wrongs that i've done, i will take full responsibility, whatever it may be ,i will accept. i cant ask for forgiveness from anybody....... as i still dont know whether i myself can forgive myself.


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  • yukimao
  • support u forever~

    Hope you are OKAY..no matter what we are here stand by you as we always do.
  • JJ,,
  • =]

    Gary,,,Hope u will be fine,,,,and support u forever,,,,
    Love u always,,,,,
  • qiuling
  • Hi Gary,
    Was rather shocked when i saw the news.. I was like thinking, NOT AGAIN! Haiz but i guessed human learn fr their lessons, don't they? Hope u r feeling better now.. Juz wanna say it's gd enough that u know how to admit ur mistake. Learn fr ur mistake n not repeat again k.. jia you! Ur fans will be there supporting u always
  • Likwen
  • Hi Gary,it really shocked me when i heard the news. Well i hope that thru this incident, you will reduce ur liquor intake to prevent this kinda situation been repeating again. I really hope that you and justin will be peace with each other. anyway i still support you. Jiayou^^
  • Toro.c
  • 為你擔心中~為你流淚中~

    "When your world comes dark, break it! Let your pain go, tough to rebuild,
    give the new world being peace, lovely, and you heart will go on and on to grow up
    , not being weak, no crying, no hurt, those things that I think you must do right now",
    your songs are my no.1 hit forever, your style, honest, modest, passion & realest are my model to imitate
    , I can not believe that if you haven't appear. Love to support you, love to adore you,
    I’m proud to tell everyone that I'm "chawaholic", I want everyone know you,
    so when one more person know you, I will feel happy for thathole day!!!
    okay? I'm so sorry for my too loooooooong speech ^^""""
    寂莫不止,就要創造光明,"forgive hurt, I will be keep going for my goal"
  • rc
  • hey gary,
    have u heard of the chinese saying, "if you want to love somebody, you must love yourself first". so that means, u gotta forgive yourself and let this whole incident becomes a part of history. people who loves you wouldn't want you to live in guilt or be sad, and i bet justin wouldn't wanna see that either!
    i agree with qiuling: "Juz wanna say it's gd enough that u know how to admit ur mistake", especially the fact that u returned to hk from beijing within such a short period of time for the press con!
    wish u luck on the coming days, hope the media would be easier on u!

    support from hk!
  • JADE
  • GARY... 告訴我你不是一個會認輸的人
    努力過的汗水 不斷灌溉美好未來

  • Very
  • 為你打氣!

    Gary, 作為支持你的人, 的確很難過失望, 但是很開心你可以這麼勇敢地認錯, 你的家人朋友和歌迷都一定會給你機會, 曾經你也經歷過人生最低潮, 現在的你更應該珍惜你所擁有的一切, 不然你一直的努力都會白費...相信大家會感受到你的悔意, 你一定要打起精神, 繼續你的工作! 加油!
  • franklaw
  • You are wrong,gray. But it is not the most important thing I wanna talk to you.
    The most important thing is, once you apologize, I give my time to wait and see your improvement in behaviour. I give my time to see a more matured and powerful "Superman"- Gary Chaw, shine again on the stage.

    I dun wanna hear any news of hurting yourself, I wanna hear that you,Gary, even you face challenges, you won't back to your starting point, being depressed, but keep walking forward and fly again.

    You worth being loved by fans, not because of your behaviour, but because of your talent and honesty. Keep living!!GARY!!
  • Lubby
  • No matter what happen, I still support you
    but gary, I wish you could give up drinking.
  • vincent

    GARY 不多說
    一句說~ 就是支持你
  • PeterPan from malaysia
  • To: Gary
    From: Peterpan
  • zhupa510
  • GARY

    support u 4ever
  • мя. т 先生
  • Jiayou Gary they will forgive you don worry...
    Wrong but you admit it & that's a REAL man!
  • karmin
  • 酒喝少些,脾气收一收,
  • 阿原
  • 也許 ,我們即將面對一場又一場的黑色風暴!
    就像你說的『不曾忘記,也不會記得』Love & Peace!!
  • vivian
  • Gary, I was shocked to see the news!
    I am sure you are going through a rough time right now, and I think you did the right decision. You stepped out and apologized for this situation. I am proud of you Gary.=)
    I just hope you won't hurt yourself again. It is painful to see you getting hurt. =(
    Even though I am quite far away from where you are, I will always support you!!=D
    Please take care, we are always here backing you up!

    Luv ya~ <3
  • miau miau
  • chao ge... i am miau miau.... dun worry.... when u knw wat is wrong n say sorry from ur heart god is 4give u ... and also u must 4give urself... then u wil happy...
    hope n wish u happy everyday... i wil always support u from my heart.... :) miss u :)
  • jules
  • I hope everything will be alright and peace will come soon, don't feel down gary.......加油
  • emilieisme
  • Make it doesn't happen twice. less drink. be a good example as father.
  • G&lt;3C
  • No one would know wut had happened between you two and there is no explanation needed.

    BUT YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you, as always!
  • Madeleine
  • Apologize to him sincerely and I believe fine days will come soon too.
    Drink less, family comes first, always! Just because you are a public figure many things that you do will attract those papparazzi camera lens and all sorts of different stories would be created by them. I always don't read their news, but sincerely hope you would get over this and really.....drink less!
  • butterfly
  • 好好唱歌,好好工作。


  • disappointed fans
  • you are no longer a kid, you are adult and a father, an icon, an example for your fans, but you choose to use your anger, that is definitely a bad move, and you really look like a gangster. You can't just say sorry when you did something wrong. You should have limits yourself in drinking and clubbing, spend some times doing things that worth for your future.
  • ophelia
  • I am very disappointed with your actions. No matter what the reason is, you should never punch anyone unless it's for self defence.
    I will still support your music and buy your albums, but I will have second thoughts about calling you my "idol", because you sure do not have much for us to look up to other than your music talents.
    Please grow up, cut the drinks, cut the ciggies, cut the fightings. Do it for your son and your fans. You don't realise how lucky you are to have such great music talents and you don't seem to be appreciating it at all.
  • Sara
  • we still love you gary =] everyone makes mistakes and you're no exception. as long as you know what you're doing and what to do to do better, that's all that matters. we love you gary!
  • 悄悄話
  • kate_kathy
  • Is time to learn to stop saying SORRY

    As you realise you has been saying sorry non stoply... please do learn not to make silly mistake AGAIN...
    Althought appologize is good... but in other word of sorry mean you didn't learn and growth from the past... This is not the gary I want to see...
    take care and hope you growth from this incident...~
  • VietChu
  • Gary, don't forgive up!
    We all support you forever!
    作為你的支持者, 我們當然感到心痛和難過, 但是我們也明白你只是一個人, 人總會做錯事的嘛, 最重要的是你知道自己錯了, 然後去改, 不要再空口說白話, 一定要真真切切的改變自己!
    我們真的很喜歡你的音樂, 你一定要站起來呀! 一定要繼續努力!
    我們會永遠的愛你, 支持你!
  • Joel
  • 你與側田都是我喜歡的歌手,看了報章的報導真讓人心痛。
  • Teresa Tong
  • 支持你積極面對! 加油!

    昨晚看到你的記者招待會及訪問, 很佩服你面對傳媒, 面對自己的勇氣!
    你積極的行動已證明了你的決心, 而我亦相信你的說話, 你的道歉是出自真心的!
    雖然你也有不對的地方, 但事實上我覺得亦不是一件天塌下來的事情,
    每天在酒吧發生的不計其數! 我也看過不少!
    事情已經發生了, 雖說不幸, 但亦像你所說的,
    可幸的是發生在你的好朋友側田身上, 否則便更加不堪設想了!
    樂觀地看, 這可能是對你的一個考驗, 一個自我反醒的機會吧,
    讓你張開眼睛, 打開耳朵, 敞開心扉,
    你這口若縣河地數盡自己的不是, 反而令人更擔心你內心對自己的困擾!
    只要你現在開始學習控制自己的情緒, 不就可以了嗎?
    事情要發生, 總有他的原因,
    塞翁失馬, 焉知非福!!
    發生了這件事, 可能就是讓你在發火的時候,
    用這件事去警惕自己, 去控制自己情緒的武器吧!
    又或者, 這段時間, 一定會有很多支持你, 愛你, 鼓勵你的人!
    你現在要做的, 只要好好把他們的說話記在心上,
    當你失控的時候, 給自己五秒的時間,
    想想這件事, 那些支持你, 愛你, 鼓勵你的人, 他們的話!
    恭喜你, 你已經有了這件超級武器!!!!!
    加油!!! 加油!!! 加油!!!
  • Joon
  • 吾细啦你

  • Chloe * Bee
  • Gary, you're always the best!
    人誰無過! 知錯能改就okay 了!!! 加油!! 永遠支持你<3
  • 悄悄話
  • 崔雪佳
  • 加油啊,你已是公众人物了,知错要改啊,很欣赏你的才华。
  • 傑.......
  • 真是廢=.= 這是第幾次了.有多少人想站在舞台上你知道嗎?你有這樣好的機會.就要好好把握.畢竟得來不易.不要再錯了.身為你的歌迷和家人看到你這樣.他們會高興嗎.會快樂嗎?自己替歌迷.家人想一想怎麼做才是對彼此最好的.只能說.不要再錯了.慎選朋友.關心家人.努力唱歌.用心寫歌....................再支持你一次
  • 呀凱
  • gary加油!

    我是一名初中生 不時再校內也會"撞版"牙~
    Tell everyone , You have change , and you are a brand new man.
    Support you forever n i love ur songs, also your beautiful voice!
  • 崔雪佳
  • 我是沈阳的歌迷,看你的影响力有多大,所以很多人看着你那!我知道你一定行!
  • love gary
  • 知錯能改就好了...永遠支持你!!!
    Gary,,,support you!!!!
  • Jasey
  • Very disappointed.
    Though i love your music.
  • Roxanne
  • we still love you
    but....drink less!
  • Sky
  • 你是要把你自己的形象踐踏到爛嗎?
  • red1216
  • 喝少點酒啦。。
  • Eddie
  • to err is human, to forgive divine

    keep sing your good song !
  • b*ee
  • gary

    It's fine and It's over with.
    It's just everyone else made it seem extra serious.
    still support your music and your friendship with Justin ~
    And i'm sure Justin still care for you too
    So, don't take this too hard on yourself (=

    Justin's fan ;)
  • 悄悄話
  • justin's fan
  • fk you gary. stupid gary

  • hk_yuen
  • we r always support you
    this is Gery, im not saying Gery=street fighting guy
    we all know Gery, we understand Gery
    dont feel worry, we ll stay along with u
  • sansan
  • Gary,
    What's done is done. I'm sure everyone, including yourself, will agree that what you've done is completely and utterly wrong. However, we also feel your sorrow you have for everyone around you, and your struggle to kill that beast inside you. Don't put too much pressure on yourself; and I'm sure you'll find a way to overcome your problem. We'll always be around to support you 100%. Looking forward to meet with you when you come to Canada!
  • Connie
  • It's OK!!!! We'll be with u~
  • Jessyca
  • It's too late to apologise

    The damage is already done. Sorry means nothing but to make yourself happier. Think twice before you act, especially u r representing Malaysia'c artisthood. Well, we are learned from mistakes, lets Grow up and be a better person. Gambateh ^ ^
  • 看不下去!!
  • 總不能每次凸ㄘㄟˊ就來這招阿....
  • lonely
  • don't worry!!
  • lonely
  • to 52
  • Adam
  • 可怕的曹格...

    誇張..... 那些fans還說支持你... 沒看那新聞畫面嗎... 該理智一點譴責暴力啦
  • YY
  • \

    馬上 就可以雨過天晴的....
  • 某人
  • 非常失望~
    错一次没关系 可你一错再错
    那些脑残粉丝 还一心支持

    你也是做爸爸得了 还这么不理智
    动不动动手打人 还一副小孩子德性
  • fish
  • remind

    dun drunk next time please.
  • chunbabies
  • to gary

  • 悄悄話
  • annlu
  • 雖然.....還是支持你..加油(喝酒不是壞事.小酌開心就好.)

  • Queenie
  • As being an artist, there are so many things you are bearing as you choose to be on the stage. And things will get exaggerated when it becomes worse because you are being focused.
    This time should be the expected occurrence of the alcohol effect. It’s good that you can realize and admit your mistake. I don’t think there’s anything could make you feel better at this point, because things have already happened. But instead of blaming and denying yourself for all the negatives, the most important thing for you to adjust is not your EQ, but your mentality. Gary is Gary, you are sincere and undisguised as well as your personality and talent. And that’s why we like you and why your friends like you. I hope you can get it over from this messed feeling as soon as possible, learn from the lesson, and stand up from where you fell down. I have the faith in you! You can do it, Gary!!
  • findzc
  • its kinda disappointing with u fighting, tot u changed after ur married. but then again, we know that sometime we cant control things let alone ourself.

    take good care of urself, and ur family.
    gfc are still behind you, as always.

    dont disappoint us, stand up again!
    hope to see u soon in sg.
  • Wade3DART 吾乃少林寺最後一代方丈
  • 根據本方丈長年對於武學的深入研究~
    其中參雜了5分的醉拳 3分的詠春 2分的截拳~
    真的是連李小龍 成龍 李連杰 業問都比不上啊~




  • Justin's fans
  • Sorry no cure. You've damaged your own pride... You are a public figure... no longer a 'jiao bet zai'....
  • 悄悄話
  • Jojo
  • Though I am not a die-hard fan of Gary, I adore his good voice and well-composed songs.. Just happened to hop by his blog and saw this latest post, I feel that he is being v BRAVE to be able to admit his own mistake in front of everyone who might be reading this. As an artist, he is already doing his BEST to amend for his mistakes done. Although no one can reverse the situation(damage had already been done to this frens and family no matter physically/mentally), I feel that everyone should learn to forgive and give him one more chance. Since he is already sincere enough to pen down his thoughts and apologise to the public for his folly, why can't we give him more support and help him to stand up?

    I personally feel that YES, as an artist, he should portray a good image to his fans and the public. However, I do agree with many others in the prev comments that every human being makes mistakes and we should NEVER penalise him further just because he is a public figure.

    Lastly, I would like to let Gary know that his songs had always been inspiring and I hope that he can continue to compose great music for himself and other artistes as well!
    **ALSO, I agree that he has got great potential in singing and performing so pls cherish the rare opportunity you have on stage and continue to strive harder in your career!!!! =))

    -Hope to see you in SG yea take care!-
  • gay
  • SB 没打死你。
  • LeeLing D
  • We love you still

    Your imperfection made u lovely.. learn from the mistake by turning it into GOLD... never ever let us down..
  • sasa
  • u really shame we malaysians! Is fighting ur hobby? If yes, dan get out of the entertainment industry and go become a boxer! So u can fight as much as u want! N I really cant believe ur fans still said they would still support u after all this has happened...all idiots! How can we allow this man to be a public figure/ celebrity??? he would be such a BAD example to our teens!!! GET OUT, GARY CHAW!!!
  • edi_ny

    wtever the result will be,
    support u all the time Gary!
  • gaile
  • Please life move on ,HK concert go on! tell us you are the man who u will not say fail.we believe u can fly..as your song <刮目相看>!
  • Jojo
  • come on people... if to be a celebrity is to be an oh-so-perfect person then everyone in the entertainment industry will have to quit already. Seriously, do you reckon that all celebrities are good examples? easily we can name out a few who went on drugs or got into a fight due to alcohol intoxification. WE SHOULD REGARD THEM AS NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS , GIVE THEM A BREAK!
  • ling
  • 我们爱你,希望你也能爱自己。希望你能真心改过,我会还会一直支持你的..
  • 嗦里?索马里?
  • sorry

  • 悄悄話
  • saf116
  • Hi Gary, as your fan and a Malaysian, I do feel disappointed and shocked of what you had done. I saw your apologies and hope that you are really sincere of what you’ve said. Hope you learnt a lesson and no more next time ya. Will continuosly support you as long as you keep your promises and really change. Cheers~
  • aking
  • I'm support you forever~

  • Sisi
  • Gary, let bygone be bygone, it's useless for u to blame yourself, the most important is to stand up and face the problem, dun escape or shame to seek help, we all willing to help you. Also tell truth to your family, they love you so much and they will forgive you and supoort you.

    Remember you said you want to be a model of your son, this is a chance for you to show how to be a responsible person. Everyone will make mistake, and most important is to learn from mistake and correct it. I feel painful when I saw u in Amigo's program, i know you feel guilty, but everything happened and useless to find out y this was happen.

    Do you know Jacky Cheung also get drunk and made mistake before. His case is similar to you, and he quitted alcohol and restruct himself. Few years before he start to drinka bit wine again as he said he can control alcohol now. So Gray, please, please quit alcohol, it's good for you, both mentally and physically.

    Last but not least, we all stand by you and love you!!

    HK fans
  • Janice
  • Change now

    Gary, hope u can totally stop taking alcohol and be a patient man. We love u and your music. We are sad but we don't think u are a bad guy u know? We hope u to change. As you say you facing some depress, but do you know how many people still support u no matter what u did? Depress is the thing you give yourself, as a idol pls think positively ok? Love u Gary, cheer up!
  • misspixnet
  • 親愛的會員您好:

    我們是痞客邦 PIXNET的專欄編輯,感謝您用心經營部落格,由於我們非常喜愛您此篇文章內容,
    因此我們將您此篇文章放上了PIXNET首頁星光閃閃專欄,希望有更多痞客邦 PIXNET的會員閱讀您的好文章。


    痞客邦 PIXNET
  • Jean Lin
  • Gary, See!
    We all love you and care about you.
    I hope one day you will be a better man.
    Your music support me, and I support you.
  • 采采
  • 久少喝點^^

    Gary 少喝點酒吧!
  • malaysian
  • SOS--> doing the "same old shit".. dat's ur character....
  • 杉
  • 不要再责怪他了,事情都已经发生了,发生了还能怎样?

  • Yu
  • disappointed about what u've done....
    but happy to see u being responsible...even for urself or anyone
    take the problem serious and find somebody if helping hand is needed!
    there will be always someone to stand beside u!
    we all know u will be a brand new 曹格 soon ... WE BELIEVE U CAN!!!
    support u anyway, Gary!
  • Ceci★

    i was overwhelmed by your act,
    you are such a gorgeous man..
    at the press con.,your eyes are brimming with sadness..
    Hope you are OKAY..
    and recover soon,
    everything will be fine
    your apology will be accepted of course it will!

    see? loads of people care about you
    come on! cheer up!
    we love your SMILE
    we know that you have already changed a lot..
    that's what we've seen
    this time just treat it as another lesson
    OVERCOME it!
    no one is perfect
    you give us brilliant songs..
    so, please dun let us worry..
    dun push yourself too harsh..
    you better take a rest
    and relax..keep going
    no matter what
    i am here stand by you as i always do.

    "Just fly
    努力過的汗水 不斷灌溉 美好未來
    coz I can fly
    yes I can fly"

    Oh I believe
    yes I believe I believe
    Oh I believe you can fly.


  • ABC
  • support u... never give up...^^
  • 悄悄話
  • davidkctang
  • 永遠支持你, 支持你既音樂...........
  • jenice
  • gary, once again.. no matter how many mistakes u did, we are always forgive u coz we love u... i accept ur this weakness n really hope that u could learn from mistake n get some action for the changes, at least improve urself. i need to admit that, i feel very disappointed n sad coz when i received this news. yet, i will not scold u or will not support u anymore. instead, i should give u more support right now, coz i know that u need more support from us to help u be stronger. gary, past is the past... let it be. focus on what u should do right now n in future coz this news give u a very heave impact for ur image & ur career. life is not that easy, life is full of challenges, and we must be strong n brave enough to face the difficulties coz it help us to growth be more mature. gary, don forget that u r a superstar, a husband, a father, and our idol, the most important~! u r a malaysian, u represent as "malaysia" u know? coz u r our 国宝。。so when such event happen, don forget apologize to all malaysian n our country. as ur fans, i also got some critics from others, its ok for me coz i will stand by urside, 替你说话,总好比让你听见他们骂你些什么。请相信,我们是谅解你的,我们是支持你的,我们是爱你的。你若真心要悔改,就要用行动证明一切~ 少喝几杯,不再动粗~!才能袮补这一切。我相信你有尽力做出改变,但是你失败了。但是别忘了,多次失败后才得到的成功更有价值!!!就犹如当年你坚持你的音乐梦一样!请记得,我永远支持你。加油~


    --jenice-- a little fans from malaysia, support u since u start sing "xiao wo ben" at 988. 看你成长的歌迷!
  • Man-kit
  • It's time - Change!

    Mistake makes people grow and realise what people should behave. We did so many mistakes and we've learnt from it and change, do you? I am appreciated what you reacted after this incident. Being a man and a father of you son, you are doing what you should do. Maybe there is much more you should do. But, there are someone who still back you up, at ... Read moreleast I do. As you said, you belong to Cancer, you should fully care about your family and the people around you, including doing something which is not good. You just wanna protect them but only in the wrong way. I know it, truly. I wanna tell you.....Your apology is being accepted. Bear in mind, you are a father, a positive model you should be...it's just for your little kid. It's time for you to CHANGE. A real Change.

  • wansia
  • I will still forgive u.
    cos human make mistakes.

    see u in Singapore, 4th oct!
  • jamie @ hk
  • gary~~
    whatever u do anything, i am also support u foer n ever..
    i think u must some reaason to make u like that...
    but i williing to believe u...
    believe u will change be good...
    but in my eye...u are always a good man, good father, good idol~~
    dun giveup urself~~
    add oil~~~

    JAMIE ^^
  • 悄悄話
  • ljmfree
  • 我怎么不懂你多寂寞,残忍地犯了错,不能失去你,心里唯一的superman.......加油gary!
  • Daniel
  • 又上演搜哩搜哩...QQ



  • 小红人
  • 生性啦。
  • cc
  • support you
    don't give up!!!
  • cynthia
  • Hope you can really cure those bad habbits as what you have mentioned in the interview and regain a healthy and happy life.
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