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曹格卡加利歌迷音樂會 '09

地點 : Jack Singer Concert Hall
時間 : October,22,2009 @ 8 PM
票價 : VIP($268),$168,$108,$98,$78









地點 : 城市廣場 Market Village
時間 : October,23 2009 @ 6 PM

曹格多倫多歌迷音樂會 '09
Gary Chaw Live in Toronto 2009

地點 : Massey Hall
時間 : October,24 2009 @ 8 PM
票價 : VIP($268),$168,$108,$98,$78









地點 : 百家店 Parker Place
時間:October,25 2009 @ 3 PM


NCIX 之曹格溫哥華歌迷音樂會 '09
地點 : The Center
時間 : October,26 2009 @ 8 PM
票價 : VIP($268),$168,$108,$98,$78





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  • saisaitracy
  • 努力唷!!支持你~0^^0~
  • Candace @ Vancouver
  • Congrats on the Calgary show :) I'm sure lots of fans are overjoyed that they get to see you!
    Lots of love from Vancouver
  • bui
  • 加油!! 支持你!!
  • Angela
  • yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Toronto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    本以為在 ticketmaster 買的票不能去簽名的說!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 興奮死我啦....
    Gary 10月23號 多倫多見!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    所有專輯都可以拿去簽嗎??? 歌詞本OK吧 :) YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Karen
  • Dear Gary,
    I can't wait to watch your concert in Vancouver~ It's definately one of the highlights of this winter! I will be sure to attend your autograph session as well~

    Take care,
    *Vancouver, Canada*
  • Vivian
  • Omg. This is like my dream come true!!! I am so happy that you are coming to Calgary!!!! I have been waiting for you to come for so long!!!!!!
    Thank you so much!=DDDDD
    Luv ya!

    Take Care,
    Calgary, Canada
  • crazysweet
  • AHHH!! Gary I can't wait to see you in Calgary! But I can't seem to be able to find your tickets, it doesn't show up on ticketmaster at all. Please help!!!>_____<
  • Angela
  • Can't wait to see you in TO!

    I have all my lyric books standby ready for you to sign them on Oct 23rd :)
    Well, just to let you know it's like my dream has come true to see you in Canada.
    It's very difficult to see a mandarin speak-singer here in toronto and I thought that I had to wait a few more years to see you..

    Thank you for thinking about us .. all the best!!
  • Joanne
  • 一知道曹格要來Calgary的時候真是超級開心!!!
    Support you all the time !!!
  • XXOO
  • 有個問題。。
    我住CALGARYㄉ,剛剛在 The Black Markers買了票,那請問我怎麼去拿票阿?
  • sc
  • www.theblackmarkers.com

    Hi to all Canadian fans and friends... please log on to www.theblackmarkers.com for Gary Chaw Live Tour tickets.... (Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver)
  • grapegravity
  • See you @ Calgary~~~ (^_^)
  • emily
  • come to NYC or Miami

    when you ganna come to America?
    if you have concert in NYC, i will definitely flight over just to hear you sing in live!!
    or in Miami...
    come come come come...
    always support you ~ waiting...><
  • henrylim168
  • Welcome

    Welcome back to Canada Gary, familiar place right?
    I am really excited to hear my classmates told me that you're coming to this forzen Calgary!
    If I have no homework on that day, I will certainly go and sing for you, haha.
    Mail me back, hahaha,
  • 123
  • 又喝酒打架= =

  • i saw the news today, just don't think too much, it must be very hard time for you now, i know there is something going wrong, but i can feel how much you are hurt by this, just face the problem, every one will forgive you. Sometime when someone was drunk and heard something that's being mean, it will become a weapon. Take care
  • 無名氏
  • 我支持你阿曹格
  • 518
  • 又打架...........醉漢一個
  • Siu Mei @ Toronto
  • Oh.. so Market Village on 23?
    Too bad I cannot come.. but I brought the trickets for the concert already =)
    GOOD SHOW! Please don't cancell the show!
    We are here for your music not for that incident!
    ^.^ Best of luck.
  • sansan
  • Can't wait till you get here! I got my ticket already, I'm really glad your concert is still happening!

    sansan (toronto)
  • 加油!!
  • 要振作唷^^

  • Nisman
  • Concert Status

    Heard that Gary concert in HK has been cancelled. Is the North America concert tour still on?
  • 加油
  • 加油!!!人家好想ㄑ參加>"<
  • songnaps
  • gary 加油哦!

    不要害怕, 不要氣餒


    我們都不放棄, 你更不能放棄自己

    we'll always love you! 加油!

  • Ivy....happy
  • 幸福快樂的月光,灑在你的身上;送上一顆祝福的心,希望事情像月亮一樣圓滿成功。祝中秋佳節 愉快!
  • Ivy....happy
  • ~~安全並不表示是快樂,有時衝過頭或跌倒,那也是自己的人生~~



  • Chocomuii
  • omgg.~ i dont think ill make it to the concert,
    but ill definitly try to reach the autograph session!
    are you planning to take pictures with fans by any chance?
    cuz i think a lot of fans wud die to have a picture with you. :]

    [ Chocomuii@T.Dot. <3 ]
  • sasa
  • wow! Mr Gary chaw, still got mood to open concert huh? Yeah, maybe this is ur last chance to earn a bit more money before u get JAILED!
  • sasa the biatch
  • dear sasa.. why gary has no mood for concert?? and u think youre the judge??!! wow... the bao kung eh??!! do u see when ur gonna die??!! and yea.. go make some money before u die, cause u will die with no mouth.. because u talk shit and u will get punished by taking and zipping your mouth away??!! wuhahaha...
  • Best wishes for you
  • I want to refund my ticket... anyone wants it ?
  • sasa
  • #29, oh and by the way, wanted to tell u, u are just like ur idol, gary chaw. A HOOLIGAN!
    No wonder u like him so much...A bunch of hooligans...
  • Joanne
  • Gary加油加油!!!!!
    所以你自己也要振作,要好好保重自己身體哦! 因為你還要唱很多很多好聽的音樂給大家聽的哦!

  • sasa
  • #29, well i really dont know when im gonna die..but 1 thing im sure, that is ur mr gary chaw is going to JAIL! HAH! And make sure u brush up on ur english first before leaving comments in a pulic site, ur english sucks! Damn!
  • sasa
  • Hey #29, no guts to reply me? awwww....too bad, i was looking forward to having some fun with u...Well dun worry, i will be back on this blog on the day that mr gary chaw goes to JAIL! Oh and remember, get a tuition teacher to teach u english first before you come and CHALLENGE ME.....BYE LOSER...
  • elaine
  • 10月香港演唱會要除消- -實在很可惜!

  • 麥1C
  • don't to give up!
    with makes up all diligently
    gary fighting :)
  • sasa the biatch
  • oh well sasa.. my english maybe suck.. but at least i have a heart... and i don talk shit about people.. so what if your english is good?! is that a big deal? want my applause? i cant tell u to shut up here.. cause no one can shut your mouth except for yourself, talk less and you will live a long life... may god bless you
  • VietChu
  • Gary, I'm so happy to see your new message here
    Add oil!!!
    Don't be affected by the incident in HK
    We all know that you can solve your problem soon
    We all believe that you will be a better guy very soon
    You can make it!!!...
    Support you and love you forever~~~

  • Min*/
  • 加油喔~
    加油加油! ! !
  • Ivy....happy
  • gary:沒有人生是完美的.

  • Ivy....happy
  • 歌曲傳愛 找回幸福社會

    精健會發起創作 透過參與、聆聽 紓緩負面情緒 樹立孩子典範














  • KayChing
  • Gary,
    I want to see you smile again in HK.
    (Fr HK)
  • nisman
  • Blackmarkers sent me an email today and said that Gary concert Calgary is cancelled and I will receieved the cheque in the mail.
  • Stinky
  • # 43 are u serious?? I just bought the ticket few mins ago.....damn it!
  • grapegravity
  • I got the same email from Blackmarker too that the concert in Calgary has been postponed but they have not refund me yet .... And on Gary's FB page, he said he's coming to Canada in 5 days.... So I think the concert is still going ahead...
  • Joanne
  • oh my godness... I just phoned the Blackmarkers and they confirmed that the concert in Calgary will be postponded indefnitely....why does this happen??
    and no any official announcements were post??!!
    so disappointed........>.<
  • crazysweet
  • Noooo!! I got super good seats for the concert and super excited for the concert! Don't tell me it's cancelled!!!!!>_________< WHyyyyyyyy
  • Yub
  • Cancelled!!

    Just went to Sky Mag office and they confirmed that the show is cancelled.
  • Joanne
  • it seems that all the sellers are not selling any more tickets for Calgary's concert....
    but how come they only cancelled the one in Calgary??? it's NOT FAIR!!!
  • sal
  • i have stuff to do on 26th ><
    anyone wants my tickets? row 6 in the middle, 200 each
    original price = 268 + ticket price = around 274 or 275 i forgot
    gimme a shout
    luvdestinyHOTMAIL .com
  • Bun Nei

    I ordered my VIP tickets for your Calgary concert. How come cancelling so late? I could have bought Vancouver or Toronto show instead?? This sucks.....
  • 悄悄話
  • PP
  • First, there was no promotion to his concert except the ad on magazine. Saw one comment on Facebook, that person asked to buy the tickets but the seller didn't want to sell it. I guess there is more or less affected by his fight incident.
  • Bryan
  • Hey, this is just an incident, lesson learned, now work hard and make another pride for the people that believe in you.

    Don't give up and do what you are good at, there are many people that will support you!
  • sznwtk
  • gary...i wanna let you know that ... at 2002your 1st album笑我笨 after launching and you have a promo tour at leisure mall cheras...i still remember is going not really well and not much fans at the moment ... i still remember your promo tour late about couple of minuts so it start about 6.20 something....i never forget that moment cuz since your first album...i love your song so much and cuz you sang it out all my feeling...love you gary,be strong
  • Amy
  • Is Gary still coming to Vancouver?

    Just wondering if Gary's coming to Vancouver? I can't decide if I should buy tickets or not...
  • frank
  • oh come on! gary's live is the best in asia, if i were you i will definitely go without a doubt!! i went to gary's hk concert and i had the best night ever!!! don't miss such super opportunity, it's alllll worth it!
  • Maggie
  • wts the exactly address of MARKET VILLAGE? is that the one next to PACIFIC MALL? wt should we have if we want to have ur singature
  • Harley
  • See you in a bit

    Gary, see you in a bit!!!!!!!!!!
  • 悄悄話
  • grandma moogiee
  • Over excited! XD

    Ahhh Gary, thanks for coming to Vancouver & hosting a fan sign event!
    I was one of the lucky fans that got your signature ^___^
    Sorry Vancouver fans don't have much spirit, when you came out I was yelling like crazy but i guess you couldn't hear me since I was pretty far away, somewhere near the back of the line up. Everyone glared at me for yelling so loud.. O___O"
    After the event when you were walking towards the restaurant, I said "Bye Bye" to you and you replied "See you tomorrow!" **AHHH i was soo happy hehehe **
    I really want to go watch your concert tomorrow but unfortunately i have a midterm exam for my business class tomorrow night. My class ends at 9:30pm so I can't make it in time for the concert... what a shame.. =( but next time, next time if you come again or if you have a concert in another place I'll make sure I attend! :D
    Have a great time @ your concert tomorrow!
    I hope I get to see you again some time soon! ^^ Best wishes for your family :)
  • Vinn
  • I'm so sad and disappointed that you didn't come to Calgary, but you went to Vancouver and Toronto. :(
    I guess they have more people there to support you.
  • yanyanX2
    i had a great time, and i wish that you come again soon!
    i'm also very thankful for the very enjoyable time and the signature on my poster!
    keep on writing and singing more great music!!!

    Hope you luck in the near future, and hope to see you again in VANCOUVER!!!
    much love and support,

    Ariel :)
  • angeldevilcyn
  • 今天看完您的concert
    我真的很 enjoy,超級 enjoy!!!!
    我會支持您的!! ^^
  • Hi-5 team
  • Hello Gary:
    We're the Hi-5 team in Taiwan.
    We send you Hi-5 demo on September.
    Do your son like it??
    Please do let us know if you have any quesions.
    Have a good day!!
  • nisman
  • How's Gary concert in Vancouver and Toronto? Too bad he didn't come to Calgary. Hey anyone get the refund form media one yet?
  • Ivy....happy

  • 東西無貴賤,