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have you watched the new  掌文 mv? im trying to write an ending to the story....

have you any ideas on how it should end? i have a great ending in mind, but i would love to hear what you think the ending should be. i hope you all liked the 20secs commercial...hahah i thought of the slogan...

i wish people would give second chances more often to those who made mistakes in the past. we all make mistakes and i know it takes alot of courage to ask for forgiveness and it also takes alot of heart to forgive. but at the end of the day we all live and breath in the same place. why not try to get along and why not help eachother out, you never know when you will need help someday....maybe its tommorrow!

 let me ask you a question, and please answer it sincerely.... 

what would you do if you saw a beggar on the street and you see him crying hes heart out...... what  would you do? and what would you do if a beggar came up to you for food or money...? and the final question i want to ask is..... what if you were the beggar, how would you like to be treated? something for the mind to think about......what if.... just what if.

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  • azzss5
  • 頭香耶~YA~~!!

  • jerry
  • 好一個大哉問....
  • azzss5
  • 話說~我很喜歡掌紋後面END的哭戲...
    連我自己都酸了一下~ PEACE
  • 悄悄話
  • an1101
  • wow ~
    this is thought provoking ....
    i shall give this some thought and come back and comment .... =D
  • Helena
  • In fact,I have ever concerned this quesuion for a long time.Only by doing more thing to help beggarl on the street.However,there are so many fake beggar~
  • zhi qing
  • honestly, gosh after this people will see me as a no heart person..
    well, when i see a beggar on the street, i would just ignore them. my heart says help them, but here in malaysia, not everything we see is real, and i've been taught of not becoming a victim of a scam. of course i do feel pity for them, but, what can i do? what if the person is a fake? i know deep down in my heart i pretty much want to help, but there is always "but"s....if a beggar comes up for food and money, it would depend on situations..
    i will try to give if i can...sometimes...

    well, if i am the beggar, i would want the public to help me and not despise me of being a beggar. well, if i have a choice i wouldnt be a beggar right... just an understanding heart from the people around...
  • ahsia1018
  • i really need time to think about this.
    Last time I got approached by an old lady who lives at the downstairs of my neighbouring flat, I gave her money for the first time I met her. She even asked for more amount..............like not very contented. -__-''

    Wan Sia
  • hsfree99
  • Personally i prefer a sad ending...
    Refering to the MV, Gary got the money from her ex.gf (?) 's child. He was so sad seeing her having a child with others, money, or anything else was nothing in his eye already.... and as a sad love-song I like this scene..
    The reality is that people seldom gives chances to those who have made an mistake, the reality is always cruel. I rather let the story to reflect the reality instead of giving a hope.........
    If you really want to make it positive, perhaps you can show that the begger work hard and turn over a new leaf (改過自身.....希望英文用對吧), find his another half, the one in his掌紋---我不信命 我信愛情是沒有理由 悲歡的注定
    Just some of my silly feelings, if anyone dont like this please just ignore it. Thanks
  • Ken
  • In this harsh reality, human wont really give a damn if they see a begger. Esp when they see if the begger is abled bodied. The questions that run tru my mind when I see a begger will be, why wont he find a proper job instead of asking for food and money? We are not talking about handicapped beggers or likewise. We are toking about abled bodied beggers who have the ability to work but becos of some set backs chose to beg for money and food as a easy way out. In this reality no one will ask why a begger is crying... human are suspicious... they will think that this begger is trying to gain their sympathy.. the thought that run tru peoples' minds will be :"is this begger crazy" No one will think that he is cyring because he is sad. I personally think that being a begger is a way of running away from reality.. is an easy option..you don need to work for money, all u have to do is ask for it. In other cases, majors setbacks that some ppl have experienced resulted them to lost and gave out everything, dignity, status, fame, that they used to enjoy. Every begger have their own story. Some are sad, some are not. Is not about how we see or help them, is how they wan to find a way for themselves.
    Is only people who know the begger will understand the plight that he is in. Only they will truly understand how the begger feel.

    this is my thoughts. hahaha. don know if its worth reading. Thanks
  • ada wong
  • 翻译(如有错误之处,敬请原谅)

  • silver
  • 啊~第一樣呢...乞丐look 的褲子太美~鞋子太白...哪有這樣光鮮的乞丐~
    故事發展可以是被打/給搶東西~拼命保著與死了的女朋友的合照~爭執後(面腫眼青)驚醒~明白自己一直追求/執著的是對死了女朋友的愛~開始為了死去的她照顧自己~去剪頭髮~找工作~工作中有受氣的地方也沉住氣~咬牙捱過去~若干年後~再次看見那施捨的小朋友(現在已經是中學生了)~再現那把錢放到gary手的那一幕~~這次卻是在gary開的小店裡買東西送給站在不遠處的媽媽(那個該是gary曾經摟著的女孩吧)~不夠的可以再加gary追出去與母子笑著聊天~燈暗~the end~

    Alright first of all the beggar doesn’t look like a beggar at all~the trousers are too tidy and neat …also the shoes are too clean for a beggar~a beggar like this can hardly be found
    the story can carry on as Gary the beggar (no offense~) gets rob or beaten, during the robbing or the violence , Gary tries his best to protect a picture of him and the dead ex-girlfriend in sweat and blood ~after the dispute Gary realized that what he has been fighting or defending or even living for is that the love to his dead girlfriend ~Gary started take good care of himself , cutting his hair in his own, seeking jobs~and of course he got one ~although there is unsatisfactory in his job, his just work hard and get through it~a few years later~he meets the boy who gave money to him again and the boy is at teenage now ~repeat that scene the boy puts money in Gary’s hands~but this time it happens at Gary’s own little store and the boy is buying something for his mum(I guess she is the one who have been held under Gary’s arms )~~that’s roughly an end~for more we may add “Gary run out of his store towards the mother and son and have a conversation”~lights out ~the end~
    Is that a thousand miles away from what’s on your mind~?=P
  • silver
  • 更正 cutting his hair on his own
  • nana
  • before this, me too, thinking that we should learn to forgive more..
    but some people just don't deserve a second chance i think.. the more i forgive, the more they take me for granted.. and in the end, i'm the one being hurt..

    it is very frustrating when this happen and happen.. that's why my brother always tell me, either u are the one who take ppl for granted, or not you are the one being bully..

    nah, my point is --- some people really don't deserve a second chance, if im so big hearted, thinking or hoping that they will change, and keep on forgiving, i'm the one ending up in dead meat, time doesn't wait.. i never know when will they change or will they repeat the mistakes..

    ur beggar question.. i don't like the question, but this is my answer ---
    what would you do if you saw a beggar on the street and you see him crying hes heart out?
    Ans: i will be wondering what happen to him but don't think i will stop and ask much

    what would you do if a beggar came up to you for food or money...?
    Ans: if he/she looks ok/healthy to me, i will just turn away or maybe share my food with him/her.... if she/he is old, i might give her some money or my food on hand.. haha..

    what if you were the beggar, how would you like to be treated?
    i don't want to be a beggar.. or i should say, i couldn't imagine what is a beggar felt or thinking eh, so i don't know.. but i guess, i hope they will give me what i want? if not, why would i beg?

  • nana
  • eh, so the beggar thing is actually about the MV is it?

    i haven't watch the MV eh.. so didn't realize u are talking abt it..

    p/s: I'M ON HOLIDAY NOW!! AHAHHAHA. my lecturer likes my documentary film a lot. *shake eyebrow* anyway, i'm ready to CHAW now.. CHAWING MODE TURN ON!!

  • Sharon Tee
  • If i see a beggar cry'g his heart out, it'll bring me to tears cos i'm sentimental type. I'll approached with tissue in my hands & show my concerns. See what was his needs & try help within my limits. Will definately give him food, water & some cash. & will call friends whether any church or social workers to help him. Even with limps, he might be lost, can't find a way to live. If i'm a beggar, i'll hope somebody will offer a path for me cos i'm lost, dunno where & what to do......
  • ce lim
  • just my thoughts...

    I have not seen the mv so i wouldn't have any opinion on it if can pls send me a site where the mv is available? thanks!
    with regards to the other question:
    I will give the beggar some money.
    its true there are so many similar fraud in malaysia. However what if one chance upon a beggar who has really been through so much so that he can only survive by forsaking his pride and beg on the street? how will he feel if he is being rejected because noone believe him? i'm pretty sure the feeling of reection is a horrible feeling. can u imagine someone who throws away all his pride and shame and beg for a little something in order to just survive and yet he gets rejected of his existence? even if it is a fraud, then there is nothing wrong when one show kindness towards another. the wrong will be on the cheat and not the kind-hearted.
  • azzss5
  • END既然是哭著離開...當然是選擇堅強的再出發!



    ----------------------------------- E N D -----------------------------------
    問題1: 當你在街上看到一個乞丐掏心掏肺的哭著...你會怎麼做?

    問題2: 又如果有個乞丐向你乞討食物或金錢...你會怎麼做?
    金錢的話...盡自己的能力範圍囉...最少也會貢獻我身上的銅板吧= ="

    問題3: 而最後一個問題我要問的是....如果你是個乞丐...你希望被如何對待??
  • southwest coast
  • well if i saw a beggar on the street i will look at his physical condition? because i believe that if he person is physically capable there is always thing he can do other then beg for money. But I guess if it's a beggar on the street crying his heart out I will be wondering what happened? also i little bit scared! If a beggar came up for money most likely i would avoid him. but if he is really in super bad condition i would spare some change for him! and if i were a beggar i wish to be treated as a person, people not being rude to me. all i will wish for is food and shelter i guess?
  • hibutterfly
  • 遇到年纪非常大的或身体残疾的乞丐我会给钱。曾经有一个三十多的四肢健全头脑清楚的男性竟然做乞丐找我要钱,我拒绝了。


  • dandan222
  • 这个世界欺骗太多~就像狼来了的故事一样~第一次说狼来来了大家会出来~第二次大家也会出来~第三次真的狼来了~大家就已经不再去相信了~~



  • hibutterfly
  • 楼上,你说的是传说中“放羊的孩子”么?哈哈~~
  • Jeannez
  • :) Take care

    Hi. I sorry to say that these days, I don’t really watch any new movies yet. So i can’t help you on that. In my opinion, everyone should deserve a second chances and it true that everyone made mistakes. One should learn from thier mistakes. Yes, It takes a lot of courage to ask forgiveness. But we should try, even there are only a 0.1%; we should try everything if there are any chances. Cause to take the chance is up to us, proof it to them and appreciate everything that you have. It is easy to say that get along well to each other; but, there are not much of people will do this favor to you. There are a lot of people out there; the one who helped you and the one who hated you and the one who treated you both. Beware of this people. Even though, there are bad people to be friend with you,you just need to show them your sincere and in the end of the day, they are the one who will regret and you shall lead to success.

    Every time when I saw a beggar, I will give them some money (if i have any). Although we knew that there are a lot of beggars who cheated and pretended. Thus, you should tell yourself, you help them because you have a kind heart. Whoever cheated your money, they shall know one day which they are wrong. If they came for food, I will buy for them. For the last question, If I am a beggar, I may not ask someone for money. You know why? This is because we are human which have hands and legs, we should work to earn our living. Just like you do too,right? Even if it only cost RM2 for a day to work, I will willing to do it and save every single cent of money I have.

    Take care and Cheers yourself up.
  • nazuki210
  • yeah, I totally agree with butterfly.
    yes for sure, ,we have to pay more attantion and carry to those who need help , everyone should, but that's should never be fix to "bagger".Even baggers, sometimes I just feel shame when I saw some teenagers who are compelely healthy but they sleep on the street and do nothing but hoping we could give them money to keep them survive.......at that moment, i don't see any reason that anyone of us should give them any help.....since "help" will only offer to those who are "unable " to help themselves, but not to those who are "unwilling" to help themselves.

    so , I would say it's really true that we have to care about the bagger...but that "care" we give might not be only "giving money and food" ,but " helping them to live on the right way"~

  • WyWy
  • 1) Do nothing but listen. There's nothing worse than crying out your whole heart,
    and no one is there to listen. Applies to the wealthiest people on this earth and to the lowest, poorest society outcasts. Everyone needs someone to be their listener.
    2) Worst thing to do, offer them money or food and turn your back, walk away and
    forget about them. Having a meal and an actual conversation with them, beats
    any amount of money or food.
    3) I would like, to be not treated like a beggar. Even the poorest beggar has their
    dignity and pride. They are no different from us. So spare them that " I feel so
    sorry look"

    There are beggars who, due to the lack of basic living needs, are living a poor life.
    There are beggars, that despite the lack of materialistic items that everyone views as a necessity to have a rich life, are living a richer life because they are enjoying life just as it is.

    And there are also, a type of "beggars" who owns everything, all the richness in the world, yet they are the poorest from the inside, and the life they are living are physically fulfilling,yet they have nothing, really.

    Do you think it's better to be poor living a rich life, or is it better to be rich living a poor life? Everyone has been or will be a "begger" at certain stages in life, but it is just not physically visible.

  • Ivy....happy
  • 掌紋 結局...



  • 勳
  • 這世界上越來越多需要幫助的人,也許在你身邊,也許就是你自己
    真的!現在也缺乏了好多愛。自從認識GARY到現在 是你 讓我感覺讓我知道甚麼是愛 還有去愛別人 從前自己很自私 所以也失去好多 現在因為GARY讓我轉變了好多...
    現在路邊實在是太多的乞丐了 (也許是假的),但他們都有他們乞討的理由,有能力的話,當然要施予一些的幫助,而不是存在自私的享受,因為大家都是這世界上的一份子,還有麵包&金錢絕不是一時的突發,最重要的是愛,就算是一句問候,可能會是他或她最重要的光芒。現在我們大家都是生命的乞丐,天天都需要別人的幫助還有愛。GARY&掌紋真的給了我們很重要的深思問題。
  • mAYmAY
  • dear gary -

    * if i saw a beggar on the street and i see him crying his heart out -
    i will feel sad for him, and maybe help him if i can.

    * if a beggar came up to you for food or money -
    i will give him food and money as long i can afford it.

    * if i were the beggar -
    i hope people won't despite me. god is fair. when there are the rich , the poor will also exist. beggars are also human being, they have feelings. i wouldn't choose to be a beggar if i have the chance not to be one, isn't it?

    * p/s: my name is on the hand picture` =)

  • 悄悄話
  • 悄悄話
  • kate_kathy
  • Do you like mine ending :)

    Q1: what would you do if you saw a beggar on the street and you see him crying hes heart out......
    A1: I will just walk away~

    Q2:what would you do? and what would you do if a beggar came up to you for food or money...?
    A2: I'll walk away~ and think why shouldn't this ppl get a job to take care of themselve?

    Q3: and the final question i want to ask is..... what if you were the beggar, how would you like to be treated? something for the mind to think about
    A3: Be treated as bad as possible, because i don't think i deserved any good thing as i already give up my own life to be a beggar.what the hell i would expect others to treat me good~

    (beggar: young and with healthy hands&lengs. )
    the treatment will be difference if beggar is a disable/ seniority)

    I would said, the beggar met his old friend, as this friend changed a lot, own a small business and invited the beggar to his company to start a new life. Of course things will not changed in just a snap of fingers, FRIEND got dissapointed with him and they had a fight eventually HE awaken from the past~ and move on~
  • Marco
  • what if...

    Ending of the MV: " BANG! Someone shot the beggar! The beggar fell to the ground... His ex girlfriend quickly ran to his side & hold him! Oh.. He's actually shot by his ex girlfriend! how come? he looked @ her curiously...

    so actually, initially the man, we called him Mr A, this beggar wanted to kill ( beginning of the MV when he wanted to kill him but accidentally shot his girlfriend ) was already the husband of this ex girlfriend. But she kept it from both parties! the beggar was nt aware of anything, of course.. later Mr A then found out their relationship...

    so Mr A planned to kill Mr Beggar when he's out from the prison.

    finally, he's out, & Mr A went to search for him & found him as a beggar now.

    so he instigated his wife, ( beggar ex girlfriend ) to bring along their son & pretend to give him money.. & after that follow him to somewhere there's no people & kill him...

    the ex girlfriend had no choice but to follow what Mr A said.

    the boy is actually the son of the beggar & his ex girlfriend..
    but she had kept it from Mr A...

    Lastly, the beggar died with a smile on his face.
    because from the look of his ex girlfriend, he knows that deep in her heart, he's the one she loves most.

    a sad ending but yet a happy one because the beggar actually realised his wish of reuniting with his ex girlfriend & most important of all, knows that she still loves him deeply.. a very irony ending... :)

    1. what would you do if you saw a beggar on the street and you see him crying hes heart out...... what would you do? ans: i would not give him money bcos i know that he's crying nt bcos of begging for money ( esp he's crying his heart out like the one u were in yr MV ).

    2. what would you do if a beggar came up to you for food or money...?
    ans: i would help him thats within my means.

    3. what if you were the beggar, how would you like to be treated?
    ans: besides collecting more money for my living, i wish my frens/ relatives would nt recognise me. i don't wish to let them know that i'm in such a terrible plight. I wish they could just ignore me if they just doesnt want to donate money. very simple.. haha.

  • Ivy....happy
  • 掌紋的結局就是寶貝
  • liew
  • well..1st Q: I seen these beggars on the street begging for money in malysia..i sympathise those beggars..lying on the floor with terrible wounds left open etc..some with retarded kids..how it seems so real..But i realised most of the time, all r deceiving..scams..if you were me, would u want to donate money to someone who happened to be have proper limbs and legs that can find jobs easily instead of using their acting skill in deceiving ppl?

    2nd Q: Perhaps i dont know..perhaps my pride..my ego, i wont let myself to beg for living even i'm totally broke..I would rather die if i'm useless..
  • j0wuyxy
  • Firstly, I apologize for not having seen your new MV since I don't have regional rights on Youtube here in the USA.. but.... I have been listening to some version of just the song on YouTube, don't know who produced it.. but its extraordinarily sad, Mr. Lonely....
    anyhow, to answer the questions, really honest, and don't judge me for this:
    #2 : I never give monetary help, in light of the scams, and how useless money sometimes is. Plus, to help others, I believe one should know one's own ability first. Personally, I'm still a student and have no financial or any other advantages over a below-average adult, so I'd try to give him food or other forms of help, for example if he's looking for a job that is really within my ability to find, I can try to ask for a job for him/her.
    #1: As a woman, I'm always emotionally-available. I mean, I'm not gonna have a heart-to-heart with a total stranger or anything, but I will ask him what has gotten him/her in despair, I can stand in his shoes and help him think his way out -- I'm more clear-headed being the one not crying, afterall. Ha, let me digress a bit: last weekend we went to a restaurant and saw this happy little chinese girl with her adoptive mom and we discussed a bit about how these parents really could not let their adoptive kids go, the bond is there and real. Then I said (out of my stupid kiddishness) that I want to become a white person in my next life, so that I can experience being an adoptive parent. The point is, we should ask ourselves what is it that we are supposed to experience in this life? So I would steer the beggar to think of where he's gonna go next. Instead of dwelling on his past or current situation, I would encourage him to really really think of what he's supposed to be doing in his life... sorry for this weird and long answer...

    #3: I think abeling myself anything is a self-fulfilling prophecy. So I will never get myself into the situation that I would label myself a beggar, not that I would lie to myself, but I think such situation are really avoidable, nobody's destined to be a beggar(or anything else): the kids in the Indian slums can be the main actors of an Oscar-winning film, the high-rollers on Wall st. can be beaten down to the 18th level of Hell in one night. It's all in our hands, and nowadays, nothing is really the limit, only ourselves (and how determined we are).

    This is all I got, I'm not trying to be cliche, it's what i think.
  • lilian
  • i gave alot attention to beggars around me since i'm a kid. main reason : some beggars are really old people, seeing them ransacking rubbish bin for food, taking leftovers of food or drinks on the table from people like us who dont know what we called "waste" and beggars sleeping along those walkways.. i never met beggars crying their heart out, but i encounter some who ask for food. well i normally ask them to sit with me and ask them to order food and drinks they want and i paid for it. that's the best i can do instead giving them some coins in my pocket. at least i can confirm that they ate and not suffer from hunger.

    well, i admit i do met some fake beggars around by having 2 wives, or going to the bank every morning to bank in the money they beg from and one incident i got was on my way back from KL to Puchong passing by Bukit Jalil's road. after u-turn from the roundabout outside Selangor Turf Club, that beggars without legs was moving like a snake along the middle of the road. luckily we saw him earlier or else might have knock on him become pancakes.

    i am not sure why do these people got themself as beggars but if i am one, i would like them to leave me alone so i can die and not become a social "rubbish" cos nobody can force we to be one (beggar) unless we want to be. its really all about how we want to live our life.