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good day.....hahah i just watched the new movie " the hangover " the movie brought back alot of memories...some crazy times i had...the stupid stuff that i did, its so funny.

my birthday is coming soon, so i've been thinking.....maybe its time to do something wild and crazy!!!  hahah i remember the times i was in new zealand...drinking with my friends...gosh it seemed like it was just lastweek!

the movie really brought me back to the old days. what was the craziest, wildest thing you've done in the past?

if you share your memories with me, i just might share mine with you...and i did alot of crazy sh/t in the past!!!hahahah 



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  • azzss5
  • 頭香...

    麻煩...翻譯 XD
  • 悄悄話
  • ruth
  • RE

  • gillland1018
  • haha

  • 悄悄話
  • 悄悄話
  • qiquan
  • we went to busy road,
    stop at the traffic light,
    walk down to the front and posing...take photos...
  • 悄悄話
  • Ling
  • i did alot of carzy things in the past...but i really dont remember at all...
    i think i am getting older, so that i lose my memories...haha...
  • kleven68
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  • kate_kathy
  • can't belive i am the top 10 to leave msg here. should be a good day yea~
    wildest thing~ hmm... i think the wildest thing i did was, i have not done any crazy thing in my life til now~ ~ Oh My~ :S
  • Lilian
  • gosh, i think the craziest thing i did was to climb on a very high parapet and balancing myself on that edge just to take a sunset photo. i can really die for my passion. Haha!
  • kit
  • Still didn't has this movie in HK cinema, looking forward to see so that I can also get back my meomeriesXD
    I think my craziest thing I did in my past is I steal DVD from a shop when I was young~~ And unfortunately, the staff point it out when I leave....
    Lucky that I said I forgot to pay and the staff forgive me and let me pay it back....otherwise I will be in jail>.<
  • Neo Yu Jiing
  • dance performance

    interesting/wild thing i did, is my birthday this year ( yr 2009), i hav organised a dance party in june.
    I going to hav my 1st dance performance during my private birthday dance party for my friends to see.
    crazy thing is that i learn these new dances, west coast swing & argentine tango only for a few mths.
    And i going to do 2 different partner dance performances ( wcs & argentine tango ) in front of 50 over of my friends.
    I hope i will not blank out ! hahaha... wish me luck !
  • 悄悄話
  • Gwynn
  • Do share more crazy shit! It'll be fun to hear more stories~

    I can spontaneously feel like going somewhere, hop on a plane and just fly off. Alone. And then I'll wander around for three days with my cell switched off.

    I'm still doing this crazy shit, but it's all really quite fun.

    (I'm a 20+ year old female university student. :D)

    Best wishes Gary!
  • 小七
  • 很好看的电影
  • crazyelly
  • crazy as the life of youth...

    crazy perhaps will never end while i would say it will depends on which situation/environment you are now.
    Perhaps your mind mature=less likely to be crazy
    mind being simple and tend looking for happiness=will do alots of funny crazy think maybe a dare bet /challenge ..

    Life is short,crazy/serious..well depend on you :) right gary :P?

    :p dont drive you baby joe crazy maybe enough :p!
    He is too cute for being crazy, in fact he might get other toddlers crazy since he is hot ! :D seriously he is cute!

  • mAYmAY
  • dear gary,

    i haven't do something real crazy right now,
    but i hope i can,
    maybe someday with my friends!
    hahaha` =)
    memories are such valuable things.

  • KBCai
  • Ah Toi!,
    You should reached KL now ah ....
    All the best
  • wiiz
  • lolz... erm... lotz... until i not really noe whc was the most craziest... XD
  • Anthony
  • Gary

    I still at NZ, come man. I'm waiting for you. Hahahah.... Cheers mate
  • Clark
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  • 大三八
  • lets see...
    got kicked out twice by club bouncers cuz they felt i wasnt walkin straight
    after talkin with the bouncer outside i did manage to ran back in and continue the party

    got mad drunk and blacked out in House of Blues in Hollywood
    btw, u should come perform here XD they make good drinks :D
    but ya.. friend told me i got lost and found me cuz the workers there
    took my cellphone and called them
    next thing i remember im lying on street's sidewalk's grass
    my friend's car got towed away that night
    so uh...ya... felt pretty windy and cold that night = ='''

    nothing too crazy yet

    i hope i dont do nethin stupid
  • jenice
  • hmm... let me recall... my housemate n i had a stupid competition ---> kicking our right side slipper from 4th floor to the field beside our hostel, the more far her slipper, is the winner... n i was lose in this competition. I got the punishment to run down n got back our slipper.. n then... need to put on my housemate's slipper for her.. she is just like Cinderella... hhm.. is it crazy? not really.. coz it is more consider as "wu liao"
  • albee
  • 我把牛奶倒在我弟頭上
  • Wade
  • i have ever done

    how are you recently?
    in the past ,one time i scrap with my girlfriend.
    she said that i ignore her
    i think that it's my bad
    but she still want to break up with me
    i feel so sad
    so ,i drink (until now,this is my first time to drink)
    and i drunk and i cried.
    i feel that everything is wrong.