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loneliness gives you courage to love. it sounds weird doesnt it?

there are many things and moments in life which are unavoidable, what is happiness without sadness? what is pain without pleasure? what is fear without courage?

the fear of loneliness.............. i've realised that the MR lonlely within me comes visit me from time to time... i was afraid of him, but this fear of lonliness soon made me realised that he ( mr lonely) gives us courage to find love or to  take chances with love and never again avoid it. the fear of being alone actually turned into the strength of not wanting to be alone, the courage to fall in love again.

shirman1412, i have read your letter and read your story, what you have been through is sad, i know your heartbroken..... but think again.... i have been through similar situation, there are so many people who has gone through what you've gone through and i believe in the future there will be more cases like yours, we are all human beings, all learning as we grow, we are all students of a thing called " life "  learn from all your right and wrong moments, learn from all your pleasures and pain, learn from your fear and courage........ learn to really live. learn to face your oen inner mr lonley.





shirman1412,我看了你們的留言和故事,那些你們經歷過的悲傷,我知道你們心碎..... 但是仔細想想....我也曾經歷過類似的情形,有很多人經歷過你曾經歷的而且以後可能會有更多像你的例子,我們都是人類,我們都在學習中成長,我們都是" 人生"的學生,從你所有對和錯的時候學習,從你的痛苦和壓力中學習,從你的害怕和勇氣中學習...學著真的活著,學著面對你心中那個寂寞先生。



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  • RachelHu
  • Keep going!
  • chaiyi
  • i do love you~

    do yourself , be happy!
  • butterfly
  • 抢位子,但。。。看不懂。哈
  • angel rewenne
  • Mr. Lonely is not the one that en courage you to find the love. It is YOU!youself to save the soul from the lonelines..
  • Crys
  • Gary...ur words sounds abit sad...but it brings alot of memories to me...
    Anyway, although Mr.Lonely is always around us...but we're stay with u...and u're stay with us too...
    Let's share our happiness and sadness together...nobody will be lonely all the time...
    We still have our family...our friends...nothing is impossible...
    Cheers~!! =)
  • agnes
  • Gary I wonder why are you soooo sentimental recently.. hehe....

    Can't wait to see you next week in Taipei ar! ^_^
  • 悄悄話
  • Ivy....happy
  • 「實質作一件好事很困難,但是擁有一個愛心卻很簡單。」
  • 悄悄話
  • Antonias
  • Kepping going on!!
  • Antonias
  • 寂寞給你愛的勇氣。這聽起來不可思議不是嗎?
    shirman1412,我看了你們的留言和故事,那些你們經歷過的悲傷,我知道你們心碎..... 但是仔細想想....我也曾經歷過類似的情形,有很多人經歷過你曾經歷的而且以後可能會有更多像你的例子,我們都是人類,我們都在學習中成長,我們都是"人生"的學生,從你所有對和錯的時候學習,從你的痛苦和壓力中學習,從你的害怕和勇氣中學習...學著真的活著.學著面對你心中那個寂寞先生。

  • anxie1y
  • I wonder who is shirman1412 that could make you to create an entry for him/her. Your words are very meaningful. I might not reach the stage to understand your words very well but one thing i find it totally right, which is "we are all students of a thing called " life" learn from all your right and wrong moments" Nicely done Gary. =)
    However, good luck to shirman1412 and all the best.

    By the way, back to yyou. I can't really wait for album to release! And when will you be televisioned on 百分百! I want to experience your live lol. It's incredibly amazing!

    Good day.

    aNxie1y. (m`sia)
  • nana
  • my uni life is so sucks recently, i guess nobody likes school.. hmph..
    can't wait to the day when i'm outta this uni! i wanna graduate!

    anyway, looking forward to your album packaging, heard it is very special huh! ;D
    hope to see something new and special this time!!

    p/s Gary: Rachael graduated!! she is going to Austrialia for a year soon, some sort of study and play programme!
    dang, people around me in GFC is leaving me one by one. =(
    hope she can still meet you and chaw with us before she leaves Malaysia!

  • Songnaps
  • wow, i did not expect this today but well good thinking, good thinking gary

    ur words remind me of this beautiful song.. which also says quite true about how we take life..sometimes..

    It's the heart afraid of breaking
    that never learns to dance
    It's the dream afraid of wakingthat never takes the chance
    It's the one who won't be taken
    who cannot seem to give
    and the soul afraid of dyingthat never learns to live

    When the night has been too lonely
    and the road has been too long
    and you think that love is only
    for the lucky and the strong
    Just remember in the winterfar beneath the bitter snows
    lies the seed
    that with the sun's love
    in the spring
    becomes the rose

    thank u gary for this encouragement
    and as always,
    i admire the courage, love and positive strength within u
    we love u
    keep on going gary ~

    p.s. did u take that picture?
    it's nice! it tells a lot

    about u.. :P
  • misspixnet
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  • www.myhome.org.tw
  • ocean
  • 寂寞先生
    very touching song
  • qihong
  • True. Life is filled with obstacles and more obstacles, and therefore we would have to suffer and yet enjoy the ups and downs in life. It's inevitable, so instead of allowing yourself to feel down and letting the whole matter disappoint you, look at it as a challenge to make you stronger, just as walking down the road of life. It's the same! To people who have been through a lot - Keep trying to conquer those feelings and lead a better life, because you can if you believe in yourself! To people who are doing great - Keep working your magic and make the world a better place, not only for yourself but also for the people around you! Gary, i'm very touched to see you care about shirman1412, you rock our worlds! Keep rocking! :)

    Peace out :p
  • leo66655
  • 我跟你說喔~我從小就是個小胖子,



  • Ivy....happy
  • Gary的音樂也是另類義工

    另類義工 站上舞台演兒童劇 推行品格教育








  • steven ong
  • noob

    i so happy ,because i got so many fans and my family who add me you are my fans ok......
  • yoongfook
  • Gary you are the king of songs !!! You have a HUGE singing range which is insane .. and you have a really unique singing style that no one else has!! but !! you can also impersonate ppl really well !! AND !! U look so handsome too !! oh my gosh .. what a complete package.. i know this sounds gay, but hope it cheers u up when u read this man .. dont be so emo.. its not good . go for workout at the gym to get the endorphins comin out !! U are the number one chinese singer now man .. if u're feeling EMO u will make alot of ppl in this world feel even more EMO ! haha. Just some words from ur die hard fan - yoongfook.
  • lonelybuddy
  • it is undeniably true that loneliness is the accumulation of sadness and the loss in sense of belonging....yet, it is nothing to be afraid about it... think positively, we can be friend with loneliness, feel it and understand it...n think y isit keep appearing...then u can gain strength fromn it...n i also think emo is good source of inspirations... fresh flows of ideas will keep on coming into mind, no matter sorrow or bless yet it is meaninful...thus,only then we will know how to cherish love and hopes.... literally, i think this the message that Gary Chaw identified and he wanted to send out to us....
  • Ivy....happy
  • 文章寫的是?
  • fyn
  • cambateh

    erm.....first time see u supermarket ^^
  • misspixnet
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  • homegirl
  • u r right! we all gonna learn from pain and love, and hv to learn to face our mr and mrs loneliness! may god bless everyone can find their true love and happiness!
  • evee
  • emotions are such un-understandable things in life... but it makes it interesting tho.....

    seriously this is a good entry and its good to know what a person really thought of other than their "strong" outlooks...

    keep up d good work and do create more good music please ^^V
  • mAYmAY
  • dear gary``

    now u have walked out through this loneliness,
    im sure that a better life is awaiting u.
    hope u will stay happy and healthy` ^^

    love & peace [♥]

  • swing_eng
  • tat is great tat be able to read this blog.
    study overseas,feel lonely most of the time~
    besides it,have to fight for good results,do part time for school fee..
    haha..i am sorry nag a lot at here~
    but i feel comfortable to say them out at here..
    maybe i should learn from the tired.pressure,lonely..
    however thanks~
    i like those words"learn from you pleasure and pain,learn for your fear and courage"
    i found the courage to leave this comment here~
    so thanks~!
  • gimmy5168
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