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all of a sudden i feel an emptiness in my heart, feels like its raining in my heart.  i guess its just one of those days when gary gets moody... i just pray that on sunday  i wake up with a great  mood....  hmm... im starting to ask myself, where am i going to be in 5 yrs time.....  then i realised, i still dont have an answer to that question. all i know is if i work hard and be true to myself.... i think i will live a long healthy life.but then again..... what is living?  have a job, earn money, buy a car, buy a house, fall in love, get married, have some kids, grow old, then die. ? is that living? i wouldnt have a clue.  do you?
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  • nazuki210
  • um...

    um...actually , I am not sure about that either. Maybe many ppl in the world will have the same thought of " live" as wt you have mentioned in the blog. but for me, yeah. it's true, ppl must go through those steps and complete their life, but there should be some differences between us, because everyone have different responsibility and position in this world.Like you, although you may go through those steps as well, you are different, because you got "music", and i believe this is your special " way" of life which others can't be the same as you!
    there's not only money , family and job in your life , but music as well.

    Therefore, hope you can cherrish this ability and continue to spread love and music to the world.

  • nazuki210
  • Be Happy

    and don't forget to be happy all the time~! looking forward to see you in hong kong~!(march??)
    and don't forget to read chawsfamily forum^^

  • 悄悄話
  • 悄悄話
  • rupm6happy
  • you are not alone. we will support you every moment. so be happy.
  • andyfan
  • Everybody would think about the meaning of life sometimes.But maybe there is always no answer.No one can tell us why we are here and why we do these things everyday.To think about that,we feel depressed.But that just is a low tide,when it passed by,we'll have different thought about everything,mmmmmm...maybe we will...:)

    Just don't think about that!I think that you're too busy and tired recently,take it easy,ok?Hope you can get over the depression soon.We all love you and would keep you company.Be good~(Give you a big hug) :)
  • TC1119
  • 曹格

    等著曹格軍師翻譯中 ^^

  • 我不是周董
  • 在生活中比活著更重要的事






  • 我不是周董
  • 我想你是月經來了...
  • 悄悄話
  • wangyichen
  • gary:人有時候真的很難知道自己想要什麼
    anyway,i think all of us just have to live a full live and no regrets.
    by this, even a simple,normal life prouds you.
    每天活的開心最重要 就像起床歌裏面說的一樣嘛!!
    要快樂 加油:)
  • azzss5
  • 唉...

  • 巧克力

    A birth, our anything does not have . God has given us a white paper.
    And so on we are drawing own life Every day opens the eye . A step
    All is on paper each . Gary, very can paint pictures you . Very can make
    the song you. Because should know under the institute each
    significance! ! It all is responsible for own life.
  • Hippo
  • Don't worry

    Don't worry!
    i think sometimes the emotion would be bad.You just need know we will be with forever.
  • jpgl4rmp
  • 曹少爺~心情不好ㄚ...
  • 悄悄話
  • 悄悄話
  • su73sn
  • 曹大俠





  • ahsi
  • l thk everyone got e same feeling with u..when u get more thing then u wil feel more emptiness..bcz u get everything but u feel lost something important..what is that thing that u feel lost..l dono..ask ur heart la..don worry be happy..haha..
  • ML
  • maybe you should tweak the question - "what do I want in 5 years time?" would that be able to help you answer the question better?

    Yes thats true, there is more to life than living...therefore, ask yourself, are you living the life you want?

    "have a job, earn money, buy a car, buy a house, fall in love, get married, have some kids, grow old, then die. ?"
    this is living too, if that is what you want - which apparently the answer seemed to be no hor?

    Simply put, the answer to your question - will depend greatly on your thinking...you got the power to decide what you want in life...
    the answer may not appear so soon, but please don't give up in searching for it alright?

    Once you decided what you want in life, you are living the life you want and yeah, that is already LIVING?

    haha i don't know what I'm talking about. Jia you and take care alright? I wish my super sunshine (that is U!) love and peace always =D...
  • sandra
  • hey gary!
    sometimes i ask myself where will i be, doing what in the next few years. the truth is i have no idea too. but i guess some people have it all planned out, some people just don't. no matter how hard we try to visualize, it doesn't seem to work.
    but i guess that doesn't matter much to me. Life is too short to be worrying about complicated matters that we can't solve as yet. Isn't life about exploring? to live life to the fulliest, to find happiness? i guess it will always be an ongoing process. of course, sadness and anger, disappointment are also part and parcel of it. But thats when we learn and to grow and to cherish right?
    Do cheer up! if its raining outside, in your heart, you can stand under my umbrella! :)
    ooh and thanks for your wonderful performance at bugis in singapore. thanks for the 6 songs! though you didn't turn to the right side of the stage much..but it was truely enjoyable and seeing you!
    Lastly, let's work hard to find our happiness.! Stay happy stay true! :)
  • yui0809
  • Gary加油!!
  • 悄悄話
  • yui0809
  • Gary加油!!
  • Ada @ Canada~~
  • um...i guess life is so much more than just earning money, buying a car, etc... i think everyone of us will encounter that question at least once in our life. Maybe, life is more simple if we think simple. Everyone might have a different definition of life or living, but for me, i think it is important for us to enjoy and to treasure every moment and every experience that we have, so there won't be any regrets. However, being happy is the most important of all. If we r not happy, everything becomes meaningless, right?

    Anyways, we are always here for you~~ transferring our love and energy!

    Ada ^.^
  • huilin
  • life!!

    well i guess that's life..in d simplest way to put it is yea u are so totally right..its a boring cycle actually and seriously everyone is gonna end up with the smae ending no matter if you are rich or poor,famous or hatedthe simple ending is always the end haha..just that everyone's is different.. we grow up,study,get a job, earn lotsa $$$,fall in love,maybe have kids,grow old and sick,then withers away... such a cycle....not so glorious if u think abt it..haha lotsa luv,me juz felt like blabbing coz i too was having some serious emptiness syndrome. one day u felt like u have everything next day u felt like a empty shell...totally something i can relates too...
  • jesse0313
  • of course there's more to life than just living, loving, procreating and dying. we all have our own purposes in life. just take time to search and you'll find yours. :)

    p.s.: i kinda miss my sunflower. that one without petals. i think it looks nice without petals. don't you think so?
  • daiyu
  • dear gary~

    living is a symphony with many tenutos...

    it is made by working, learning,falling in love blablabla...

    this is reality~

    but in my heart~

    living is to for continue...




  • baga1212
  • 開始對現況有疑問時
    去過你的THE GAP YEAR,
    因為我即將出發了~~ ^_________^
  • 悄悄話
  • 悄悄話
  • Elie
  • Hey all, I hope you don't mind a "party crasher" here. I so happened spotted this blog entry while I'm wondering the same question. I thought I give my 2 cents worth...Life...What's life? Are we doomed to a never-ending routine until we breathe out last?This is a simple yet complicated question that no one could ever come up with a satisfactory answer that fits everyone perfectly. To some people, life is getting good grades in school and landing a dream job, while some sees life as complete when they had finally found their destined one and live happily every after...There are people who are born with illness haunting them all their lives, they would just be satisfied if they are able to breath and live another normal, peaceful day. I personally think that how your life turns out to be depends on how you make the most out of it. "Where would you be in the next 5 years" This sort of questions scare us because as much as we try to control how we want life to be, there's always the unexpected. No matter how gloom the future may seem, I believe there's always hope and light on the other end. Even if I had talk a whole bunch and made no sense at all, let me just say just one more thing.
    Whether life is an everlastin routine or unpredictable in its course, I believe that one of the reason that we still continue to look forward to life is because of the precious and unique experiences we had from the very beginning that makes all the difference in this plain concept called life. Celebrate life as you live it! 生命万岁!
  • jesse0313
  • 反正睡不著,來做個翻譯。


    突然覺得心里空虛,彷彿心中下著雨。 我想這只是曹格悶悶不樂的其中一天吧。只祈禱星期天醒來時我的心情會是愉快的。 嗯,我開始問我自己,五年後的我會在哪裡? 然後我發現,對於這問題我還沒有個答案。 我只知道如果我努力工作,真實於自己,我應該能健健康康地活得長久。 不過… 人生又是甚麼? 工作、賺錢、買車子、買房子、談戀愛、結婚、生小孩、衰老然後死掉? 這就是所謂的人生嗎? 我不曉得,妳呢?

    jesse (gfc)
  • 悄悄話
  • xanga.com/christinemay
  • xanga.com/christinemay

    life is hw u look at it.we live on each day not only to serve others but also to live for ourself..wen sumone like u,who is alwis giving,also nids to take at times..life is to give n to take too..find sumthin or sumone tat means a whole lot more in gary's world den u'll find the rainbow in life n soon starts to see why u lived on-to see wat mite b ahead-

    That it wil never come again is what makes life so sweet. =)

    a lil sumthin sumthin for u :-
    *sleepin with a sleepin knowin the one who care for u loves u*
    *keep smilling you'll never noe wen tat smile cud capture your sweetheart*
    hope to hear frm u soon.take good care..
    awww..life... =P
  • xanga.com/christinemay
  • xanga.com/christinemay

    oh ya..life is also a surprise..
    hugs. hope u'll feel a whole lot betta.
  • xanga.com/christinemay
  • xanga.com/christinemay

    opss...typo error..
    *sleep wif a smile knowin the one who care for u loves u*
  • sasha
  • gary,你思考的這個問題最近剛好我也在探索,介紹你一本書:halftime,中文叫"人生下半場"(雅歌出版),這本書就是在講許多人汲汲一生,到了下半輩子卻不知自己要做什麼,書裡面告訴我們怎麼去找到自己人生的價值和意義,而不是成功。
  • 悄悄話
  • 小白
  • 加油








    加油 我會支持你
  • jppy
  • Life = Family

    When you have children you will find your answer !! Believe me !!
  • bixbite
  • The most difficult thing is not to earn a good life, but how to get a long healthy life with happiness.
    Since life is so unpredictable, don’t worry about the future.
    Just be yourself and do what you want to do.
    You have all these friends that love you and support you.
  • wwenss
  • That question bugs me a lot too.
    And just like you, I haven't found an answer to it. Grrr.
    But I believe I will, someday. (:

    wanwen (GFC SG)
  • dontl1etom3
  • well
    seems like nowadays everyone's questioning the meaning of our existence
    even i can't escape that trend
    i just get so depressed sometimes
    i know what you mean gary. even if i'm not as old as you i still wonder what i'm going to do after i go to college and graduate. will i actually meet someone whom i love enough to marry? i've even considered a husband-less life... but that seems more depressing
    i eventually stop thinking so much, because it only makes the questioning worse, because i cannot answer that question, and i doubt that anyone has a complete answer.
    maybe some have answers to their own lives, but they cannot understand others enough to have answers to everyone's life.
    i guess we just have to keep living and hoping for the best. determination and hope are what keeps us going in the end. =]
    I hope that makes you feel better.

    <3 Shibbi
  • rain2623
  • gary
    keep going
    although I only then 18 years old Also don't understand
    but does according to yours idea is a living
    laughing 3 with me ha~ha~ha~
    must be happy ^____________^

    white angel
  • 悄悄話
  • kipas
  • hehe midlife crisis? tis is a question i think most of us will question ourselves at least a few times in a lifetime...what is my purpose in life..where am i heading? ..oh well..i dunno either...i juz feel that my whole life i've juz been drifting... floating.. getting on..but without directions... after a while i guess i juz stopped questioning and live my life the best i can... i juz try to live as happily as i could each day.. be nicer to those around me.. bring a little more happiness to this world if i can.. after all we can't help it that we were born rite? so juz make do la.. the least we can do... i also realised as i grow older that friends seem to be growing fewer n fewer... sometimes i dun even know if something were to happen, who will be the ones to stick thru thick n thin with me.. a scary thought huh.. oh well.. juz rambling... hope u would have come out of your blues when u wake up :) happy that u r sharing ur thots with us... makes u seem so much more human haha.. take care dude :)
  • 小WEI
  • GARY哥
  • 悄悄話
  • jy
  • you WILL live healthier if you drink & smoke socially, not abuse them. pls take gd care of your health.

    you mentioned before you wanted to get married in 2 year's time? perhaps that is your short-term goal.

    you're in charge of your own life, so YOU live you life and decide what to get.

    but sometimes, isn't it good to explore the possibilities of life? so what i can say is, try to relax sometimes and not worry unduely abt such things. they say let nature take its course. hahaa perhaps it sounds rather contradictory because you ought to have goals in life, but then again i believe deep down inside all of us we DO know what we want.

    for now, you're living for yourself, for your family, and of course for your passion for music & your supporters.

    life is unpredictable, and it wouldn't be 'life' if it isn't. so do cherish your musical ability, and the realise your own potential to affect people's life through your music.

    stay happy.
  • 悄悄話
  • anderson0903
  • 沒錯! 這就是人生

    就看你選擇要不要 活的精采 活的痛快


    為了自己 為了世界 留下一點什麼..
  • 牛 奶 ♥
  • yah it's the life

    yah it's the life
    I think your life will be very coulerful
    so go go 加油!!
  • 悄悄話
  • Rita
  • 真悲觀...


  • purplegreenx
  • hey gary, cheer up.. maybe its the weather that makes u moody these days.. i get pretty moody too... sometimes, i do ask myself too, where will i be in the future? what will i be?? am i going to be a normal person?? complete education, find job, lead a simple life.... or am i going to be a lil different?? i am not sure myself.. i have yet to have answers...
    to me, i think living is being happy with what i have now and what am i doing now...appreciating what i have and beeen blessed with..i take one step at a time..

    anyways, maybe whatever i said doesnt make any sense...

    Cheer up dude!!
  • IVY
  • But today is my birthday not necessarily must receive others blessing.
    Prays for heavenly blessing others is lets me think joyfully
    Hopes me the family member. Friend. Human Gary cares about which with me you also are one of them
    Hopes your every day ~ safely smooth. Happy happy. Joyful happy

  • katfish
  • BOOOO!

    Hi there Gary!
    Been listening to your wonderful & hardworking music since ya first album. All along had been great.
    Well, life is exciting. To look on the lighter side, to carry love all around for ya friends and family and even strangers can make you become happy. Meeting new people and getting to know their life helps you to cope with your life too! ahahha
    Life is bigger than just L.I.F.E

    Guess life should be filled with LOVE and enjoyment. All the hard times are gonna bump in, and so let them come, love to grow from that!

    Music is a great part in life. Somehow it travels from to the ears and touches the heart. SOMEHOW. hahahah
    Life is great!

    Love music, love life, love Gary! :D
  • katfish
  • BOOOO! again =.-

    ahaha anw, this display pic is to make you feel better!
    hahah and to share my motto(HAHAH);

    Live, Love, Laugh!
  • neko1314
  • it seems everyone has this question about life; however, you are not alone because we are the same as you.
    therefore, we can look for our goal life side by side; that seems to be happy ^________^
  • chia
  • living a life

    What is living? there is surely no certain answer to that question...
    I am sure that not only you wouldn't find a clue regarding that. Maybe sometimes you think that you actually understand what is living, but you just can't really convince yourself about the answer you got. I would have that feeling too, I am always asking myself this question: "am i living the life which is expected by others or am i really living my own life?"
    have a job, earn money, buy a car, buy a house, get married, have kids, grow old and die..aren't those just something that are expected by most of the people? the community expects us to live a life in that way or else we might be considered as abnormal... you should have a job in order to earn money and live on, you should earn more money get married and live on with your love ones, you should then die when you get old. it's life, a total normal and ordinary life that all of us know... but,is it what you want??
    maybe you will think that you can live a life that is different from that. but how? can you live without money? without money, you are nobody and your life will totally sucks. how to leave a healthy life then? for those you love, you will surely want to give them the best you could get in this world. big car, beautiful house, and earn lots of money to ensure those you love can live a better life. marry with him or her in order to promise your love one that you will always be there for each other, grow old together and hope to live a happy life...aren't all those just what the community expects? people has been living this kind of life for so many centuries, can we just jump out of the box and say you don't need money in order to live a life? if you said you don't wanna get married and don't wanna have kids, can you promise that your love one won't leave you for another life if he or she wants to have kids and get married? unless you get a person who has the same thinking as yours or that kind of life wouldn't be there...
    you are not alone in this world, you are living with family, friends and all others around you. thus, our life should take into account those who we care and cares about us...the meaning of living is thus very subjective, but most important is to live a life that you are happy and comfortable with... you surely can't get a life that you wish for without taking into account all those facts that were being mentioned, you can only strike a balance between the life that you want and the life that is being expected by those you wish to live together with and make your living meaningful...
    maybe you may not agree with what i said...but, hope you be living a happy and healthy life...

    all the best!!
  • oceanamusic
  • hmm....your being a little emo xP

    it's ok, even though i don't know wht living is either lol
    be HAPPY!! XDDD
  • ivy
  • 奈斯男孩..我很喜歡可惜沒拍mv..不然去ktv有多1首HI歌可以點
  • joanne-Baby
  • well....just leave it to heaven!!!

    just leave it heaven honey...just look forward....do your part and our future nobody knows!!! stay healthy don drink so much of wine and most important is stay HAPPY~~~~~~~~~~~Muhahahahah...smile will brighteryour day oh!!! when you smile to the world the world will smile back to you
    !!! remember???? so just follow!!!! like what i told you on the book that i give you!!!! jia yo....jia yo......love you oh!!mucks.....
  • findzc
  • i get emotional most of the time just like you but then we all know that being upset cant do anything but make yourself more worse only, counting on the down make you even more down.

    often i tell my family and frens, give me 2 years time i'll make you guys proud of me but what if im here slackign about doing nothing, can i mark my name in this case? but for you its different. you make great music, you heal up those broken hearts(like me), you make a great fren(which i believe), you can do alot of things! compared to many people, you are really fortunate.

    well, yesterday i was wondering about life too. its like people can out of sudden die, who knows what happen next. thats life what, so mysterious yet interesting. just live your life to the fullest and enjoy every single mins.

    i dont know you will go read those comments or what, but really you are the best in all your fans heart. :)
  • s&amp;amp;l
  • That's nothing !

    It is dead drunk that this evening will drink one & just be happy
  • enyu1006
  • hmm...這個問題.我也曾經想不出頭緒.找不到自己的意義.會把自己逼到死胡同...但這些應該都是人生一定要經歷的過程吧!工作.賺錢.結婚.生小孩.變老..活著的這些事.好像真的沒什麼意義!但是看到東風的專訪.你一路走來的這一段.一直到現在認識的這些好朋友.不管是辛苦的.難過的.快樂的...這一段卻是蠻精采的.我還蠻羨慕你的!有過這樣的歷練才有今天成功的gary!
  • 悄悄話
  • lisa1994
  • 應該要"活上去"而不是活"下"去
  • IVY
  • there is more to life then living?
    Most meaningful life..First makes money.Second helps the human
    Andy Lau Is the human who this ripples
  • xwen
  • colOurful liFe~^^

    ou~u say tat like the LIFE so short oh~

    must hapi in everyday d ma~
    like me^^

    everyday listen ur SONG~
    LAM SEI me jor~

  • 悄悄話
  • 悄悄話
  • 悄悄話
  • 悄悄話
  • k*th@n*
  • bad stuff happens to the best of people and even the best laid plan can be thrown into disarray.. but what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.

    I think a life is best lived without regret... cliche but true.

    Taking one step at a time and remembering to try to do the right thing is what I try to remind myself all the time... but of course impatience get the better of us and there are grey areas everywhere ....

    but i think.. we should just keep walking and look forward...
  • 悄悄話
  • 悄悄話
  • yinru
  • some think that sacrificing for beloved country makes their lives worthwhile.
    some say that a simple life, a small house, a good wife, few lovely kids let them 死而無憾。。
    some say a mansion, few wives, no kid to mess around, makes their life a perfect one.

    so at the end of the day, it all comes down to how u look at it.
    Living without an aim makes living merely a LIVING, not life..
    My aim in live is just a simple one, i wanna get married to someone worth loving, few guai n healthy kids, enough money to provide my parents good retirement life, would be enough. Of course lah, i dont mind having a good looking husband, good looking kids, and more-than-enough money to travel around other than giving my parents a luxurious retirement life. wakaka
    greedy greedy me.

    well but, a job, a car, a house, fall in love, get married, some kids, grow old and die is also a life mah. It's an ordinary life. But it can a HAPPY, BLESSED ordinary life. or u'd rather ur life to be like a rollercoaster? haha
    i dunno..
    sometimes i would think, well i must do something great to prove that i've lived a great life!
    but then, think again, what is a great life?
    osama's life is a great one ? tom cruise? Gary Chaw?
    i dunno.

    Life is beautiful, because you wont know what happens next.
  • cloudiashishi
  • Don't think too much

    Gary~Don't be so negative

    as long as you feel happy, and make someone happy. I think it is meaningful!
    let's get happiness
  • Butterfly
  • hahahaha

  • k
  • Hi...
    I'm glad you blog in English, if not I think I will just give up trying to figure out what is being written here and just stick to buying your album..haha..
    Anyway I'm glad you are being so real in your blog ..helps us to appreciate your work better when we understand the person behind it or at least have an inkling of the ideas behind it..of course I don't know how really "Gary" you are here on this blog .. but i think most of us would agree . what we see ..we like... haha :)
    anyway...enjoy life,enjoy the wine (slurp) keep singing ...so we can enjoy your album.. they are really quite superb.. take it from a person who has never bother to buy a single mandarin album :P
  • 悄悄話
  • 悄悄話
  • aNxie1y
  • Well, what's with you lately Gary, u've been left such message all the way since u've been well-known nowadays. R u somehow asking yourself: Singing > sleep, singing > sleep, is this what you want? I think you should appreciate things that happened to you now. Alright, let's say, u're now a normal person, working everyday, had a girl with ya .. but still, eventaully u will find out u miss up something in your life, wad thing ? What u r now is what the thing is. What's living? As for me, i would define it as money, get a gal, finally babies. That's all. Why i place money in the first place it's bcos with the money i'm gonna enjoy my life after all. We only live once, if we don't enjoy life wad else we gonna do right. I keep searching for the reasons why i'm here just like you do. I guess singing is everything to me. I sing a lot. Gary, no worries, although somehow emptiness does exist in your life, just let it be. Move on! I want to be like you somedays if i could stand a chance.

    All the best.

  • candace
  • Dear Gary,
    I guess we all go pass this stage where we question our existance on earth. We try to use so many things to fill the void in our hearts. Gary, have you ever read the book called "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren? Although it is a Christian book, but it just may give you some insight. It tries to answer the question " What on earth am I here for". Give it a try if you can get your hands on this book! :)Lots of ppl's lives have been changed from reading it!

    Hope to see you smiling again from the inside!

    *Vancouver, Canada*
  • 悄悄話
  • igary
  • ♥祝福你
  • MoonSunn
  • everyday

    "there's more to life when you listen to your heart....."
    ---from high school musical two song: everyday by zac efron and vanessa hudgens

    i think its true and real when you go on and believe that what you are doing is right and worth doing.

    you dont need to live according to other people's standard and do what you are doing to try to please other people, or to make them like you. it is your heart you should be true to.

    "to be great is to be misunderstood"---from emerson's self-reliance

    you dont need to adjust your values or what you think just because someone else criticize you. as long as you know what you are doing is worth it.

    anyways....i have no idea why i leave a message here.....heh.....i mean celebrities all have tons of important stuff to do than to sit down and read these comments.....but, if you do read it.....well, i dont know......most likely not haha.....

    so all for the best,
    peace out.
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  • quekwei
  • Hey!
    Every bit of time spend is part of living. It doesn't matter what the content was, is how you really feel. Spending time thinking how everything should progress, may end you up in anger, lost and helplessness. Live in the present, cherish the present.

    yvette 14:04 22/3/2008
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  • titusx
  • 活在世界的每一天。。。

    The fun part about life is tat we never know what will happen the next day...tat's why everyday we look forward to a brand new day.

    If our life is like a routine then it will be too boring!!

    Who cares what will happen in the next 5-10 years..as long as we are happy and enjoying ourselves now!

  • Janice from HK
  • Well, I think your living can be more than that coz MUSIC is all around u, and it's what u want, isn't it? It's also what i'm always dreaming of!
    And i do think people are born to die@@" sounds depressing right? but i know we can choose a wonderful life other than a dull one, it's all up to u. so just make it no regret, enjoy yourself!!Live happily, Die happily!

    HA This is my first time to comment hereXD i'm just wondering whether u can see it.=]
    anyway, just want to support U coz i have just become your fans recently.=] and i know there will be more and more people appreciate your songs as well as your voice,...OMG@@..your voice is really charmingXD

    SUPPORT U GARY and best wishes!=]

    Your New Fan,
  • *~Joanna~*
  • :-)

    ~~~:-)...wondering whether the girl named"janice from HK "before me is the real Janice(singer) or not-----> maybe I am too naive~~~haha, but she sings beautifully as well and is so cute~~~

    Go Gary!!!I guess everyone goes through this phase. I believe we come to this world to make it a better place by the power of love. You have definetely touched millions+ people's heart with your voice. I guess as an artist they could pass on messages through their work to influence people.

    I really wish some day you will have a concert in New Zealand. There are so many crazy fans(like me) here. XO
  • Janice from HK

    Haha i'm not that "Janice"XD, well i do wish i were coz i'm her BIG FAN too!! I do love singing, that's why Gary's voice and music impress me so much and i always regard Gary as a goal and idol=]
  • ctsen23
  • Happy April Fool !!

    格,今天是愚人节,乘这一天跟身边的朋友开个小玩笑,不要那么cool。。。 加油,加油,再加油 !!!
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