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well............ its been so long since i left a message. i just wanna say that im so happy that we've stucked together throughout the years regardless of the damn news surrounding us. good news , bad news.... it didnt change us...did it? hahaha not for me! 

i have learnt alot through the past few months and im sure you understand me more than ever before now. i have opened up alot and im happy that you have accepted my good and bad habits. i thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

everytime i get alittle spare time....i drink and write...and lately i have writtten a couple of good songs. expression through music is the best way i know how. things will change for the better... i have faith in myself, you and the world. tho there are many obstacles in our way but im sure there are alot of people behind and supporting me. 

i am seriously considering buying a house in taiwan and make it my home. how lucky am i to have 2 homes....... hahahaha a taiwanese girlfriend would be good!! i like taiwan girls.... hee hee

right now i feel abit sad.... dont ask why...cause i cant understand it myself...its just a sad feeling surrounding me today. anyways.... i'll be fine..as usual, look on the bright side of things. everything is gonna be alright.


這都不會改變我們,不是嗎?哈哈哈  至少沒有改變我



多幸運啊我,有兩個家欸   哈哈哈哈哈
要是有一個臺灣女朋友的話將會更好!!  我喜歡臺灣女生…


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  • 巧克力
  • 哇!!

    gary i love u
  • dannyboy
  • there seems something wrong in this article~
    that should be "how luck i am to have 2 homes"
    HAHA~ i don't know, maybe i am the wrong one~
    just for fun, don't mind~
  • boitebee
  • you are so frank that we all love you.
    no matter how you feel, it is important to be yourself.

  • 悄悄話
  • mygfc
  • yuhooo dude.
    good to you had learn lots of stuff.
    we too, learn a lot thru out the days of CHAW-ing.

    thanks to u too, i gain a lot of good buddies here. =P


    take good care.

    p/s: ok i don ask u why, i ask u "KENAPA?" -_-

    p/p/s: eh, bila come back malaysia?


    oh by the way, singapore and malaysia had so little events and promotion tis year for Supersunshine album.

    DUH.... hello hello?
    u ain't forgetting us won't you?
    of cos u won't. ok, hopefully not.

    p/s: during Malaysia promo tour, we are requesting a gathering to celebrate GFC 2nd anniversary leh! u promised us last yr dat u will come! remember?! heheh.


    love n peace,
  • 悄悄話
  • 悄悄話
  • daiyu
  • eventhough the sky is crying......

    dear gary,

    i will not ask you y are you so sad today...
    but i will sincerely hope and pray that you will be happy tomorrow~

    we don bother wad had been written about you recently~
    good or bad...
    coz from the bottom of my heart,
    i know who you are to me,
    you are the one who sing to us~
    now and forever......

    love all my love~
    with you will have a good day tomorrow~

    Daiyu from GFC
  • amy
  • Yeah , you are right!everything will gonna be alright when we think it positively~I am gald to know that you have faith again ^^
    but try not to buy a house in taiwan only, how about buy one in hk as well? hk girl also not bad oh...hahah~

    anyway, take gd care of yourself and pls use the umbrella whenever there is raining during the function, ok? it easy to get cold, man.you have to take gd care of yourself~!

    I have a great memory in taiwan last week and hope to see you soon in hk ( march, right?) haha!

    Be happy all the time!


  • Princes
  • gary只要做自己就夠了^^
    i am taiwan girl,hahaha...
    love &peace
  • chawsfamily
  • www.chawsfamily.com

    To Mr. Chaw,

    Chawsfamily is always here to give you 200% , nono ,1000% of support!!!

    so let's spread love and music together!

    oh , yes, we will join your first concert in Malay oh~any vip tickets?? pls pls,offer some for your chawers all around the world!!

    we all looking forward to join your first concert and your promotion tour in HK ( March???)n We are ready for your coming lor, how about you?haha~

    Love and Peace,

    P.S.: don't forget to visit our forum and blog oh~!
  • suyati_yeo
  • yo... it`s been a while since u last updated ur blog...
    anyway, we all can feel that u`ve opened up a lot...
    u`re no longer the shy gary... u`re the confident gary now... n that`s good for u... :)

    wish u can have a taiwanese girlfriend soon ooo... :)ahaha
    all the best o....
    see u in sg`s autograph session... :)
  • 悄悄話
  • joycee
  • hanah hanah
    wont ask you why

    be happy k~~~

    see you this week in singapore

    ps: buy a bigger house there so we got a place to stay when visit to tw =)
  • jpgl4rmp
  • 曹少爺...要買房子當台灣人?聽起來還不賴說...!
  • 悄悄話
  • chawsfamily
  • 中文翻譯

    嘩..距離我上次留言已經相隔有一陣時間, 我只是想講我真的很開心我們可以在在這些年都在一起, 就算有些不好的消息在我們周圍, 無論是好的新聞或不好的新聞他們都沒有令我們改變, 對吧? 哈哈至少沒有改變我, 在過去數個月我學會了很多, 我也相信你們比以前更明白我, 我開朗了很多, 我亦很開心你們接受我好跟壞的習慣, 我很衷心的多謝你們。

    每次當我有空閒的時間, 我會飲酒, 寫歌, 而且在這陣子我寫了幾首好的歌, 透過音樂去表達我自己的心情是最好的方法, 任何事情都會變得好, 我對自己和世界任何一個人都有信心, 雖然一路以來都有很多阻礙, 但我相信有很多人在我背後支持我. 我正鄭重考慮我在台灣買一間房子去變成我第二個家, 擁有兩個家係一件多幸運的事呀…其實有個台灣的女朋友也不錯, 我很喜歡台灣的生..hehe!!

    我現在有點不開心的感覺, 不要問我為什麼, 我也不知道! 但我會ok的,好像平時一樣, 向好的一樣看, 每一件事都會沒有問題的…

    Translated by Amy
    Typed by Yee

  • denise
  • u r our sunshine, right?! so cheer up man~ tomorrow is another day.

    gan-ba-dei keep going on your Asia promo tour, we all looking forward to see u here in HK.... in March??
    okok, buy a home in taiwan, than, "the next station is Hong Kong" hahaa~

    o well~~ when the sky is crying, pls make sure u use an umbrella^^ and take good card of yourself, k~k~

    denise @ Chawsfamily hk
  • yeeforever
  • i am crying too...

    打字打到我快抽筋 T^T
  • sandra
  • because u are so true so real. to us, to the media and all. thats what i like about u. and not forgetting the songs u wrote. never fail to touch me. have faith in your work. and all those that supports u. be true to yourself. and most importantly be happy :) i do hope u'll be reading this. and looking forward to your promo in singapore! come by soon!
  • chawsfamily
  • 中文翻譯(修訂版)

    嘩..距離我上次留言已經有一陣子的時間, 我只是想說我真的很開心我們可以在這些年都”黏”在一起, 就算有些不好的消息在我們周圍, 無論是好的新聞或不好的新聞他們都沒有令我們改變, 對吧? 哈哈至少沒有改變我, 我在過去數個月學會了很多, 我也相信你們比以前更了解我, 我開朗了很多, 我亦很開心你們接受我好跟壞的習慣, 我很衷心的多謝你們。

    每次當我有空閒的時間, 我會飲酒, 寫歌, 而且在這陣子我寫了幾首好的歌, 透過音樂去表達我自己的心情是最好的方法了, 任何事情都會變得好, 我對自己和你,和世界上任何一個人都有信心, 雖然一路以來都有很多阻礙, 但我相信有很多人在我背後支持我, 我正鄭重考慮在台灣買一間房子變成我第二個家,能夠擁有兩個家是多麼幸運的事呀…其實有個台灣的女朋友也不錯, 我很喜歡台灣的女生..hehe!!

    我現在有點不開心的感覺, 不要問我為什麼, 我也不知道! 但我會ok的, 好像平時一樣, 向好的一面看, 每一件事都會沒有問題的…

    Translated by Amy
    Typed by Yee

  • rain2623
  • gary!!
    Waiting for a long time
    have new a message finally
    your my Small sun haha~~
    the sky is crying but I borrow the umbrella to you ,Yes I do
    don't be sad ok?? Keep going ^ ^
  • Jen
  • Hey Gary ! It's been some time since you last posted an article here ! Don't worry about those news , really. Now, your album is successfully released & hit great sales ( Congrats !), the next thing I'm looking forward to is your concert ! Please come back to hold a concert soon , yea? Thanks again for all your good music. Ohh, I know why you are not happy today. I always have this type of feeling too cos' I'm also a Cancerian ! Cancerians are known to be moody, haha..... don't you think so? Agree?

  • Carmen
  • I am so excited that you will be coming to S'pore this weekend! Looking forward to your sharing of your great music with us!
  • watistis?
  • hi hi..so happy u finally posted in english again..sorry la..chinese illiterate..:p

    pls dun chg..it's good that u r opening up & becoming more positive, but hey..dun chg too much k...i still like that shy shy gary who juz came out & liked to sing best.. hahaha...:)

    dun feel down k..perhaps u r juz feeling a bit lonely la...ya..a gf to accompany u'll b good..but why taiwanese gals la.. >.< we all heartbroken liaoz..hahaha..kidding :p wish u all the best!

    oh..and pls post your kitties' pics! so cute la..
  • 欣然
  • 我們都愛你


  • yui0809
  • 謝謝翻譯大感謝^^

  • ML
  • hello gary,

    YES!! its been a long time since u update...haha!

    we love gary for who you are, so I hope you wont lose yourself along the way...which i think u won't la hor?? haha...

  • ML
  • oh ya, jia you in your music!!! please take good care ok?? its important to insist on being yourself you know...haha
  • jy
  • gary... do mind your health and try not to drink so much. you know it's bad for your liver & health.

    i find it heartening that you're stopping in your steps to constantly thank your fans & everyone else for their support. at least it goes to show you're not losing yourself; and that's basically what made us (well at least for me) love you in the first place. and of course love your music + vocals too. :)

    and woooo! you're coming to SG! I WILL BE THERE. hahahaha.

    P.S hey singaporean girls are pretty good too! haha.
  • jesse0313
  • it's been really long since you've last blogged. really hope you haven't changed. yunno what i mean? see you in sg on sat.
  • ahsia1018
  • I don't know what to say, but are you thinking and having any plans for GFC's 2nd anniversary this year???
    I have high doubts that we are going to have any birthday celebrations like what we did last year!

    how how tell me how?
    I'm going to sleep now, pimples are already popping out.....
    see you this Saturday, 1st march 2008.

    p/s: your promo events is really really LITTLE this time round.

    sign off with my big name,
  • baga
  • 快來台灣住吧!

  • 悄悄話
  • Lida
  • Gary,
    Don't be sad.
    Tomorrow is another day.
    Considering buying a house in Taiwan? Then buy lor. haha.
    Taiwan is a good country to stay although the weather in Taipei is really bad nowadays..
    Hope u will be better soon!^_^
  • 小 花
  • 不管怎麼樣
  • VVN
  • let's challenge together

    Dear Gary....
    It's nice that we're all overcome the bad news , however there are more to come , this is the reality and it's life, but i believe that we can go through everything together, and we'll support you no matter what....alright? but on the other hand....you have to be more stronger and have a lot faith in yourself...
    I would like to share a book that i read to all of us...(of course including you )
    I saw a book and it says....." if your heart changes , then the world will change with you , and when your life force is stronger then you'll spreading the love and brightness to the ppl who surrounding you , also your life will be more brighter"
    good luck in everything...
    we all know you are the best!
    So you said that you might buy a house in TW....wow. that's great and I'm a interior designer , so if you buy a house and if you need to decorate the house, i'm happy to help you ~~ ^^

    PS. i duno if i can meet your cusin again...so plz tell him goodbye and good luck , also his is a nice guy (奈思男孩) lol..for me , thx a lot~

    Love VVN
  • 悄悄話
  • childhoodmemories
  • we all have our blue days where the sky is pouring like crazy (well maybe not as severe as that). We're all human and have our emotional up and down.

    Seeing the the need to changes is the first step to improving but it's also important to remember not to change yourself just to accommodate others.

    Add oil! I look forward to hearing more of your work with Justin and Hins!! and maybe on your next album you'll have some Cantonese tracks!

    Your fan from US!
  • FSUTan
  • You've Got a Friend in Me

    "Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend"

    Gary, your family and friends and fans will always be by your side, whether it's good or bad, ups or downs, rain or shine. We support and like you for you and will always be there for you.

  • c7921690
  • haha...a taiwanese gf...sound like you have one right now huh?lolz~
    is good if you have one tho...cuz only love that can touch people's feeling and heart, and more emotion can make you sing better~^^
    by the way....im taiwan girl too~haha
    always support you~
  • 悄悄話
  • 悄悄話
  • dontl1etom3
  • gjgj

    haha you're so cute
    i like to pick out grammar errors ;p so yah. here.
    but it's great you updated heheeee. so i won't comment on your grammar.

    lol. "damn news". nice one =p
    drinking and writing huh? i guess some people get their inspiration from drinking. it's totally valid for a reason. =] but i can't stand beer. besides the fact i'm underage it just tastes bad. maybe i'll try wine since it's healthy when i reach legal drinking age (21 in US which is older than taiwan i think? =S)

    yupp faith is the best thing to believe in. ;p
    lol you like taiwanese girls XD i think they're cool too, even though i don't like them that way. i'm not 同性戀 ne...

    sadness is an unavoidable part of life. without sadness, how can you feel the difference when you're happy? learn to deal with sadness and it will help you in life. =] be depressed for a while like me, and then find something that can make you feel better.
    it will always work out.

    <3 Shibbi
  • 悄悄話
  • Prishwink
  • aiya Sabah girl no luck luuu....
  • joy
  • Hi Gary,

    Its great to see your msg ... it makes my heart skip a beat (haha). Do continue to drop msg time and again and connect with your avid fans :)

    Saw your recent msg on Aska and Xiao and just wanna share with you this. I have become a recent fan of yours after watching the Taiwan Super Idols (shown in S'pore only recently). I do not follow chinese pop closely so through the show, I got to know about ya and you just "wow" me with your vocals. Agreed, both are great singers, but I just luuvvv your singing style most !

    Since then, I have become obsessed with ya buying all ya CDS and watching all these stuff about you from the youtube (not sure if you are aware, there are thousands of videos under your name man !). You seem a little frustrated in your earlier msg abt being misinterpreted by the press about the other 2 chaps and how hard you have worked to gain your sucess today that others have forgotten. I feel that the show has gotten more people to notice ya and your music and some I am sure have since become a fan of yours like myself : ) ... don't fret gary, good music will prevail !!! You have many more good years in the music industry cos you are definitely not a one hit composer right !

    Besides your music, I also luv ya cos you are so unpretentious and open. You are not racist and am liberal about relationships. In one interview, you mentioned that insofar as one party love another, it doesn't matter if both are of the same sex. This, I truely agree with ya .. its a free world we live in right?!

    Besides this, I also marvel at your guts. You have disclosed in one malaysian interview of your liking for another artist (shall not disclose her name in case you have regretted your actions .. heehee).... bravo man, I luv your guts ... am sure not alot of artists would dream of doing that.

    Your super shineshine is a great collection and very easy to listen to ... especially love "Ai Ai" ... such a cute song : )

    So gary .. the sky should clear up soon .. cos there are rainbows awaiting for ya

  • Rebeccaaa
  • haha. someone sounds kinda desperatee. lol jk. well anyways hope you are having funn with your life and writee lots more songs for uss. because its just the best thing in the worldd!

    take care and i lovee your openness about just anythingg! at least ur not like those other celebs out there yupp.

    Supersunshine is wonderfull. the sky is clear with your songg

    Rebecca (LA)
  • garythebest
  • lol hahaha
    chinese girlfriend!!
  • garythebest
  • i mean taiwanese girl haha
  • findzc
  • omg, singapore girls also good what! i'm sure many will agree~ c'mon look at singapore girls too!!!
  • 加油!!

  • igary
  • 支持你~我愛你!!
  • 贝婷(新加坡)aka Sherlyn.
  • heyyyzzzz

    findzc!! I agree!!

    aiyoooo... GARY!! how can? though i also like Taiwan alot la... & also hope i can have a Taiwanese bf la... butttt... SG gals are good lor... haha...

    pls tell us yur TW address when u move hahaha!! =p

    well... i hope i can have mroe faith in myself just like u... & succeed... lets all JIAYOU ba...

    take care... dun get depressed anymore... u r a lunatic!! 1 day i gonna catch u in SG streets, hopefully =D

    Bei Ting ^^"!!
  • igary
  • 我們都是台灣女生唷~嘿嘿..♥
  • sha0409
  • that's right...everything will be ok

    hahaha~don't be sad...
    u have many fans ,they can make u happy, right.....
    u really do buy a house in Taiwan,if u do it,u maybe stay in Taiwan for long....long time....right....haha...anyway,good luck for everything.
  • 悄悄話
  • ナミ
  • how to get your attention??

    i konw looking on the bright side isn't easy.. but to tell the truth~ it really works^^~ sadness isn't necessary.. cause there are lots of love-gary-fans behind you^^~ Love Gary~
  • TC1119
  • 多謝樓上貼心的大大

  • 小要
  • http://www.wretch.cc/blog/abs035656

    what you say will make many fanses crazy about

    taiwaness girl is good,and you're good,too

    ps. I've seen your show in Hualien,and it's such a great show!!!
  • 悄悄話
  • huihoon1111
  • Cheer up! =)

    I love your songs SO SO SO MUCH! =)

    JIA YOU~! Make more music! The world's a better place with MUSIC! =D

    Take Care! (^__^)

  • dxx
  • hello garychaw.
    well well well. your events in sg really little lah!

    but nevermind.
    see you this sat sunshine boy! :)

    DXX :D
  • rachael
  • 你过得开心就好
  • 悄悄話
  • apple79818
  • 別難過呀_
    希望你可以趕快跟你喜歡的那位女還在一起= ˇ =
  • simple

    ONE EVENT?!?!




  • kaka
  • gary, take care of youself!
  • purplegreenx
  • not sure if this'll get thru....

    nice to see u blogging again dear...

    havin mood swings yah??

    dun worry larr..

    cya =p
  • mAYmAY
  • gary~
    no matter what...
    i will always support u...
    take care orh~
    jiayou... wakaka^^
  • jkks
  • yo!

    no one can be feeling happy every second or minute
    so just move on and you will see the sunshine
    things will get better
    we will support you always no matter what you do
    continue to make good music
    spread love
    spread good music
    go go go !!!
  • pilgrims
  • Hey Gary!

    When I didn't feel "I'm live" ,
    feeling my soul is dead ,
    I'm be able to listen my love song ,(like coldplay, mayday, 陳奕迅...'S music)
    It's likely hear your mind.
    There will be better ?!
    Before I'm so sad ,
    love to listening soler's song -> pligrim.
    you can try to listen!
    (sorry my Engilsh is poor:P)
  • Susan
  • Hi Gary!
    This is my first time at your blog - I'm happy to see that you wrote in English :) My Mandarin isn't that great, but I'm slowly learning :) I can somewhat relate to your message, in the sense that I've been feeling a bit down lately without knowing the exact reason -- it will always get better though so stay strong! ^_^ You want a Taiwanese girlfriend? I could potentially fill that ;) hahaha only in my dreams...anyway, just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your voice! It never ceases to amaze me....I'll always be supporting you so 加油!

    Wishing you the best,

    New Jersey, US
  • 悄悄話
  • debby
  • you can do it well.keep going!we are always on your side!
  • 悄悄話
  • Cloudia希希
  • Ha Ha Ha

    I am glad that you like Taiwan and the girls in Taiwan.
    I love your songs, and your personalities. You loved to share your feelings, and You are friendly!!
    Thank God you made a good decision for buying a house in Taiwan.
    Enjoy your life and good luck!
    We all love you!
  • eileen
  • malaysia gals are not bad also...hehe...
    dun thnk too much...just cherish wat u hav....u are luckier than other ppl cos u hav us supporting u...

    take care!!
    ~eileen :P
  • calbee
  • Ooo Nooo Gary.... I feel sad, I dun mind you said taiwan girl is nice, but HK girl also not bad lah.... :P Aiyoh.... anyways longing to see you soon in HK.... Remember attend to more tv show lah... as much as u can, OK!... so that we can see you more!! :D
  • 悄悄話
  • 悄悄話
  • luckyfish
  • U've got a girlfriend rite? I juz saw some pics online of u and ur girlfriend. All the best to u. I'll keep supporting u. Keep it up. Love u.
  • luckyfish
  • Oh, forgot to tell u that i'm ur fan from ur hometown,Malaysia. Dun forget about us though love to live in taiwan and have taiwanese gf. We'll always love u. Haha...
  • Newbienana
  • so nice to heard that u enjoy ur life in tw, tho works always fully packed and tired!
    but u doing SO SO SO GOOD! really love your voice from the first time i heard it!
    good on you! gary!
    add oil
  • kylie
  • gary为什只喜欢台湾女生马来西亚的
  • 悄悄話
  • 小學茉莉
  • GARY~
  • 悄悄話
  • Butterfly
  • hehehe

  • patty
  • ~Gary~
    聽到你喜歡台灣的女孩子感到好高興呢!!人難免會有不順心的時候阿!!加油唷!不管遇到什麼事..記得有群永遠支持你的fans喔!!祝你能快快有個"台灣的女朋友" ^0^
  • 悄悄話
  • 小白
  • 加油

    恩...加油 我會永遠支持你的

    你的努力 大家都知道....

    只要有夢 不用怕不能實現啦...
  • 悄悄話
  • ivy
  • The happiness joyful music creates the person with the singer

    hi gary:
    My English is not good.
    In front of me message.All is Chinese.Does not know my blessing.Does not know my blessing.But my most sincerity speech.Hears your music. Listens to you to sing.Let me feel happy also is joyful.I also hoped GARY
    You forever when a happiness joyful music creates the person with the
  • Sharon
  • no matter what, I will always support you!

    as the title states, i will always support you no matter what. You don't have to care about what other think of you, just be yourself. no matter what, all of your fans will support you. You are great enough that you can't be compared to other singer.



    Always remember me! Someone who live in US that will always support you.
  • 悄悄話
  • 悄悄話
  • 悄悄話
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